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  • For me sometimes a little bit of pain can be pleasurable, but mostly I don't like painful sex.
  • It's not pleasurable for me, but it is for some people.
  • I dont like to be painful but i dont mind getting spanked ... or getting my hair pulled as long as it dosent hurt THAT much
  • Pain no... A big dick hurts me, haha. But spanking i'm all in
  • A little pinch during can be great but as you continue playing your body produces endorphines that numb the senses slightly, this can permit your partner to pinch and tug and grip more aggresivly to reach the same sensation. This can be great as the areas that get tormented when numb are verry sensitive later, and with clits and breasts this can have an arousel effect that helps foreplay even before the clothing is removed.
  • sex without pain is like food without taste
  • i find a little bit of pain a turn on. i like my partner to gently bite my neck/shoulders, where ever he can reach when he cums. also i like D.P, with him and a vib, this causes a small amount of pain, but its sensational!!!!
  • Not for me - unless there is pleasure there as well that comes with it. A core of pleasure inside the pain.

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