• rights for nonbelievers and safeguards for abortion
  • School taxes would be levied by how many kids you have in school, not by property assessment. For instance, if your school district's annual budget is $10 million and there are 5000 kids in that district, each child would be assessed at $2000. If you had 2 kids in school, you'd owe $4000.
  • Limit the salary of CEOs to no more than $500,000/year and calling for the death penalty of all those that cause "financial crisis"
  • i forsee either decriminalization of marijuana, which may just be a law, or it may be an amendment. possibly replealing the term limits of presidents or an amendment setting term limits for congress and maybe governors. another possibility would be contracting the clause in the constitution that says the president must be born in the usa
  • I would introduce a Fairness Amendment. One in which anyone who would run for office, be required to speak only about that which they honestly know about- themselves. No 'speculation' about how their opponent would be.
  • A Balanced Budget Amendment. And if Congress didn't abide by it, they'd be criminally liable. Or maybe one where any law they passed, they had to abide by it also.

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