• Some goals you do for their own sake. Just because it is a goal and something to focus on. Personally, I'm procrastinating when I'm on this site.
  • I have no problem with people moving up in levels. To me it all boils down to one thing: does this *mean anything* about who you are? That is the key issue with any sort of ego-feeding events in life: do you use them to define yourself in some way, do you think they mean something about you? There was a time when I used to regularly discharge my points -- i.e. have the staff set them back to zero periodically. There were a couple of reasons for doing this, but the main one was that as I rose up on the leaderboard I noticed that I started thinking it meant something about me... that I was special, or that people liked me, or whatever. So tossing the points away was intended to irritate whatever part of my mind was attached to those ideas, just to see what might lie underneath those feelings. I think a lot can be learned by looking in the mirror and asking "why do I think this means something about me?". Lots of insecurities can be uncovered that way.

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