• Because the US has always considered itself on top of the world, and anything they do, they consider it the best. A person's "world" usually is self inclusive and rarely takes into consideration forces or people outside of their immediate surroundings. Thus the term, "I will rock your world", the world of which they are accustomed. The US feels that within the "world" of their own, they are the best. I agree that to claim yourself as World Champions... you really should compete with the best from around the actual World. I wonder when we'll get a Mr. Universe that isn't from Earth...
  • Because people from all nationalities play in the NFL...Yes, all teams hail from the U.S., but it's still held in high regards throughout the world
  • Because in rest of the world Football means soccer (where they use their foot all the time).
  • Because in many ways the USA is still a very insular country.They do not as a rule travel much outside of the US, until recently more than 60% of Americans have never had a passport. They are very patriotic and feel anything they do is the best in the world so even if only the USA play American Football to them that is "THE WORLD". nothing derogatory, but it is their world, as far as the general populace is concerned
  • Let me start by saying I like Americans so this isn't an anti-USA response. I guess it is the definition of world champions that is the problem. Americans seem to believe if you are the best in world at something, by default you are world champions. The real definition of being a world champion is that if you compete against and then beat the worlds best national teams you can rightly call yourself world champions. This doesn't happen in NFL or baseball because no other country apart from perhaps Japan (in baseball) play these sports seriously at a National level. I have no doubt the US would win in both of these sports in a real world series so why don't they just do it i.e. pick the best players in the country and organise a world cup. World cups are a great way to develop interest in the said sport so would help expand the popularity and at the same time give credibility to the US claim of being world champions. Mike
  • Because everyone else in the world calls it "nonsense rugby" and laugh at it. Thus the US shortened the full title from "Champions in only our small world" to "world champions"

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