• Not that I know of, everyone seems nice
  • Probably.
  • Not as of yet....+5
  • Nope, everyone seems pretty cool, except for whoever gave negative to Ailsa. I get DR for answers people don't like, but no enemies.
  • Once in a while someone cuts my points, but I have no idea who it is and it doesn't happen that often.
  • Not that I am aware of. How about you? But there are just people on AB that love to "cut your points" so you just have to ignore it. At the end of the day it is still just a computer monitor/screen and you push the power button to turn it off. So don't fret over it. Just have fun! +5
  • Yes and I can't figure out who it is.
  • I don't think so, I think people are pretty fair and good...there is just this little atheist troll who cuts my points a little every time I mention God :)
  • The Chief does not have any enemies on Answerbag. An enemy is someone who can, and is willing, to do me or my family/friends harm in some fashion. Since this is impossible in an anonymous forum like AB, I do not worry about it. The worse they can do is try to blemish my reputation as an anonymous character known only as "The Chief". What I DO have are occasional visits by one or more trolls who enjoy munching on the dingleberries hanging around this retired Sailor's *sshole. And sometimes they evidently think it's buffet night at The Chief's because several show up at once with a HUGE appetite! Leaves me feeling clean and refreshed afterwards, let me tell you! Bring on the DR's, trolls! Here's a video for you: . .
  • No... No enemy that I know of... I only seem to get occasional DRs, and even then, it's only when I notice my question or answer percentages are moving up to or past 98%... Therefore, I think there are those out there playing games with the leaderboards, especially the "Members with best..." "... Questions" and "... Answers" ones. Aah. Who cares? Too many at one time on different questions, and I report them. Staff will verify if they are trolling me or not, and if so, THEY will be in trouble. I almost always respond to answer DRs with a note to the DRer, asking what part of the answer was wrong, in their view. AND, I've begun to start adding the link to the following. Hopefully SOMEONE will get a good laugh out of it, maybe at the jerks' expense. ;-)    
  • I have no idea, but occasionally I will get this lovely little -2er that I just pat on the head and grin at...... ; )
  • Yes and i know specifically who she is
  • Yes... But I never cared much for points so they can do it all they like. I remain oblivious.
  • I am interested in giving the answers and marks, not worrying about the marks obtained.
  • I do have an enemy, maybe a few! Points for you!
  • I'm not sure if it's an enemy or just random. Once in a while it happens to me & on questions not controversial.
  • Beh, no. Maybe some people feel that I am an enemy, but if so, they need lives. >_>

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