• No not at all... The difference between the two, is intelligence and ignorance.
  • No. Assessment is essential before any kind of relationship can be considered. Judging a person is a futile exercise in that you are closing the doors for further assessment in future.
  • first one is for a Particular cause and other one is over all.
  • No. Assessment is part of the process. Judgment is the final conclusion. Assessing is not bad. Its just that we're trying to get to know them. But judgment should be made with care. It can affect a lot on the relations.
  • I think it depends upon what the purpose of the "assessment" is. I am drawn to positive/optimistic/happy people..those who are kind, modest, helpful, supportive and funny. So if someone greets me with a smile and someone else has a perpetual frown, I am drawn to the person with the smile every time. Am I "judging" or "assessing" or am I just drawn to the person who seems upbeat? I don't know. I prefer cauliflower to potatoes..I don't "assess" my choices and I certainly don't "judge" tastebuds just prefer cauliflower so that's what I eat. I don't make judgments about my vegetables and I try not to do that with people either :)
  • Assessing someone to me is sizing them up--do we have similar backgrounds, likes, dislikes, personalities. Judging them would have to be on something they did. So no, I don't think it's the same thing.
  • No, assesment is gaining the facts, judging is coming to conclusions.
  • When u assess someone u think of all the things , and when u judge someone u just think of particular thing:)
  • No - Assessing is making a laundry list of traits, inventory, etc. When you place a value (good, bad, better, worse) on each of these traits, that's judging.

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