• Quite the contrary. Getting your child help is the sign of a good parent.
  • Nope. My parents MADE me go see a variety of professionals and it did wonders. Therapy isn't admitting defeat; it's admitting you're ready to be helped.
  • A bad parent wouldnt care enough to send their child for help. Keep up the good work.
  • Hey, whatever WORKS!!!! I don't want my kid being a statistic and DEAD.
  • No it makes you an extremely good parent.
  • No way, cos at least youre trying to help your child instead of pretending nothings wrong and leaving them to get on with it until it gets worse and worse and worse and they end up in psychiatric hospital.
  • heck makes you a good parent
  • No it shows how much you care. It is very hard to find parents that care that much in todays times. Good job!!!
  • No it shows your a caring parent who understands the need of the child
  • Are you kidding? It makes you a GREAT PARENT !!!! Good for you for meeting a need in your child. I wish you both the best. Sue
  • Absolutely not! In fact, I think it's wonderful that you would recognize that they need to talk about something!! To me, it's a sign that you are aware and concerned about their wellbeing.
  • I think it shows you are a great parent. I wish my parents had recognized my needs and allowed me to go to therapy. Even after they knew I was suicidal they refused to allow me to go to therapy..they said all I needed was a swift kick in the arse and I would be fine.. TO this day at age 38 I suffer major depression and anxiety to the point I can't work. Had I been treated early on that might not be the case. All teens need someone to talk to professionally at times and I think any parent who lets them use therapy is awesome
  • no way, its not like any random parent has a degree to deal with a depressed teen. send your kid to therapy!!!! one less serial killer(not saying yours could be). one more happy child!!!! lol
  • makes you a good parent for recognising there's a problem in your child's life..
  • I don't understand the genesis of this question. Why on earth would encouraging your child to seek help for his/her pain make you a "bad" parent? In whose eyes? In the eyes of Scientologists who don't believe in such things? Get the kid the help he/she needs. That is the Prime Directive of every parent. If you don't you are a very bad parent. Happy Monday! :)

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