• I would probably buy him a dog stroller and try to help him out as much as i could. He would still be my baby.
  • He did. Our cat Uno came home pulling himself along. We don't know what happened to him. We brought him into the house for a while, put diapers on him etc. It worked for a while but then he got frustrated and got meanish. So we ended up having to put him down in the end.
  • Depends on the pet's age and lifestyle/personality. We had an amazing tom-cat who never came indoors and was a Siamese type with huge shoulders, tattered ears from all his fights, blue eyes and black balls! (I kid you not!) One night he got himself into a fight or an animal snare - we feared the latter. He lost most of one of his back legs - t was like the remains of a fried chicken leg! No way did that cat (Winston) want to live life as a cripple. No way could he have become an indoor creature without being castrated. He knew it. We knew it. My husband took him up the hill, fed him something nice then shot him through the head. Good? For Winston, yes.
  • This is a hard question, to me it would extremely difficult, but I think in this situation I would have to put her down. I would try everything possible first, but I think in the end, it would be to difficlut for me to handle.
  • I would have a little trolly made for his legs so he could get around. I have seen dogs with these and they still appear to be happy.
  • Ah. Our cat got paralyzed. She could sort of use her back legs, we didn't realise at first. We thought maybe she had just bruised her tail or something after a fall because nothing felt broken. After a few days of no change we took her to the vet. Unfortunately what we didn't know was that she was paralized inside and she died in the night due to toxins because she was unable to pee. I was only a child and that cat used to sleep on the bottom of my bed everynight keeping my feet warm. I bloody missed her when she died. Very sad. Can't stand cats now though.
  • get him an attachable gizmo with wheels so he could pull himself around.
  • I would see if it was possible for the animal to live a good quality of life by the vet. And if not then I would put the pet down. It would be a tough call. +5
  • I'd get a cart for him.
  • I would do all I could for them..just like others have answered..
  • Make him an appointment for the vet. To make sure it is nothing serious.
  • I'd get her a wheel chair.
  • What I did do for my departed Great Dane, Thor, was to modify a human wheelchair for him. He could go for two mile walks with no problem. If anyone tried to help push him up hills, he would stop as if saying I can do it myself. The newspaper even did an article on him. The worst part is that five vets misdiagnosed his problem. It was a pinched vertebrae that could possibly have been operated on.
  • Carry her everywhere
  • I would give the pet a merciful end. My home is not set up for a cat wheelchair. My first cat went lame in one leg at age 13 and he got a peaceful sweet departure.
  • I am poor but I would spend every last dime I had and even sell things to get more money and get whatever equipment I needed to help him live a normal life. I have a big apt. It's set up for an adult wheelchair so there is plenty of room for a dog wheelchair.. I will die and go homeless before I let my pet suffer. If his paralyzes causes him to be in constant pain that no meds will cure I will have to make the decision to put him down or not and that will be the hardest decision I ever make

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