• I would recommend seeing a doctor. Could be anything, but I would get it checked as soon as possible. Good luck.
    • Power Max
      Good luck
  • I'm not an expert on the subject of walking, but I would venture a guess that a doctor would be able to help you out there. Certainly better than a Q&A site on the internet.
  • Then follow those two answers that were given.
  • go to the er or go see your doctor and get checked out
  • Have you heard of medical doctors? Find one and go.
  • First check to see if your shoelaces are tied together, then see if you are wearing shackles on your ankles, then try and remember if you have been drinking excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages, make sure there are no major earthquakes taking place, check to see if you are standing in quicksand, and then remove your shoes to see if they have been nailed to the floor. If none of those are your problem go see a doctor.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Check your pulse first. If you have no pulse, you're dead. That's a major factor is your balance and ability to move forward.

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