• Water? +5
  • My boyfriend.
  • it is like music that rocks and waves u when u are in
  • One of the most refreshing dips I ever had was in a pool at the bottom of a small waterfall near Nevada Falls in Yosemite. It was a super-refreshing mountain spring jacuzzi. :) Sweetcakes, I see that you've just posted a few things about aquatic enjoyment. I guess it must be about 40º C where you are. ;)
  • I love being in the water, each and every time is wonderous;0)
  • When we were in San Diego, my son was about 10 and swimming at the beach. All of a sudden a seal swam up near him and acted like he wanted to play. It was amazing how tame it seemed. It only stayed around for a few minutes and then swam away. What a neat experience that was!
  • We have the migratory birds from Siberia, and northern Europe coming here every winter to build their nests, lay their eggs and swim around the lakes with their hatch lings. It is a beautiful sight to see all the bird crowding around in the lake looking for food. We have a few of them building their nests on trees around the tiny lake in the middle of our farm. I have to buy live fish fingerlings and release them into the water to make sure the visiting birds find the fish they want. It is an enjoyable experience - these winter guests of ours!
  • The sun setting over the waters off Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii...felt serenely peaceful and saw the most beautiful sky imaginable. Mahalo! :)
  • My girlfriend (wife for just over 39 years now) and I used to go to Romeo Beach (it's gone now). This question reminds of the wonderful times we had there.
  • I had just had back surgery No. 2. Wife and i flew to Jamiaca to recoup. I never realized how good the warm ocean water would feel to recovering back muscles. Pockets of sand had formed on the bottom of the clear water, ocean floor. just enough to form-fit the human rear end. heaven, was not a good enough word to describe how this helped my hurting back. And, the alcohol did not hurt, either.
  • I was in Martinique on a once-only holiday, never been outside UK before. Seeing the humming birds and the little green lizards and enjoying the warmth was a really special experience, but the one that holds is running my fingers through the water at night and seeing trails of phosphorus, like little stars, sparkling behind my hand as I went along. Wowwwww. :)
  • A naked lover.
  • My lover... that was fun!
  • Thailand on a boat trip to the island where they filmed one of the James Bond movies. It was a flat top boat and we were able to stand on top and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. I felt so alive and free. (Guess that's technically "on" a body of water but that's what came up for me:)
  • A female body.
  • Great question -- it reminded me of something wonderful. When I was 14, I was visiting my aunt in Pensacola, Florida and we went to the beach on Perdido Key. I was swimming a bit away from the shore and all of a sudden I saw a fin come up out of the water right next to me. I just about died. Turns out that it was a dolphin who just wanted to say, "Hi." He (or she, I couldn't tell and didn't really worry about it) hung around for a good 10 minutes swimming around me, sticking his head out of the water and squeeking at me. He blew water spray at me from his blowhole, I laughed, got to pet him and swim with him a bit. Anyway, he took off, I headed back to shore (my aunt was really nervous watching this going on). Honestly, I'd have to rank this as one of the top three neatest things that has ever happened to me in my life. I just felt privileged, you know? It's just one of those things I really don't have the words to describe.
  • I was standing in a shallow river and these little fish were nibbeling on my leg, they were no cute.

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