• I think they should all fall under "addictive personality"
  • Probably because alcoholism is genetic, whereas anyone can become addicted to caffeine or nicotine. I don't think it should be considered a disease, personally. The genetic susceptibility to alcohol addiction may be a disease, but I don't think being addicted to alcohol is a disease. If you can voluntarily stop having a disease, it's not really a disease imho.
  • the only people that consider alcoholism to be a disease are the ones that don't drink.. and they're party poopers anyway. but conversely, smoking cigs or high caffeine consumption could both be addictions, albeit how silly a caffeine addiction sounds.. and addiction is a mental disease.. they just havent come up with an agreeable name like 'alcoholism' or 'caffeinism' yet
  • Might be because it affects other people more. If a kid's parents drink, that kid can have his or her childhood utterly destroyed, making the child dysfunctional in many ways as an adult. Smoking kills the smoker and is unhealthy to those they live with, but only on a physical level. Drinking coffee just gives you a bad breath
  • Actually, caffeine addiction is a condition in the DSM-IV. Not a disease though. This may or may not be the reason, but alcoholism is distinct in that it creates a dangerous physical dependency. Smoking and caffeine addiction are more mental addictions (although they do have some physical symptoms). Smoking is largely a form of depression and/or anxiety. If you quit smoking, you'll suffer very mild physical symptoms, but these disappear within days. What's left is a mental dependency for cigarettes. Getting passed this with some simple cognitive-behavioral therapy appears to be the most effective way to quit. There have been movements to classify smoking as a disease, but they probably are more political than scientific.
  • Maybe because extreme alcoholics can be very abusive (physically, mentally, and verbally) to people around them. They lose their jobs, licenses and it will tear apart a family. Most cant fix this alone and need treatment. This gene can be passed down to their children and their childrens children. Smoking doesn't change a users behavoir. Neither does caffiene. However, alcoholism is the most extreme form of alcohol abuse. People who have a couple drinks to unwind, or to be social arent considered alcoholics. Ask a child, wife or husband that had to live with alocholism, and they will give you plenty of good reasons why its considered a disease.
  • Because none of them have the horrid effects of alcoholism. Though I'm told republicanism is close to being called a disease in the USA. After the trump election it's devastating effects on people's health has been shocking

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