• I want to live in the English countryside with my sweetheart, whoever that may be. I visited England when I was younger and I really loved it there.
  • a cabin in the mountains. her
  • I'd be happy at our family lake cabin. Maybe a lady friend to share it with..
  • My dream home would be anywhere my Laz is...home is where you hang your heart, and my heart is wherever my Laz is!
  • I also visited England when I was young...I loved Scotland...
  • A private island with a mansion in the Caribbean and the dream girl to be there would be Megan Fox =] She's single now heh!
  • We currenty live in Evergreen, Colorado. I wake up every morning looking out my window to a crisp mountain. I see bear and deer regularly, and just below the hill we live on I can see buffalo running wild. I love it! However, I wouldn't mind living in a tropical place
  • Anywhere I live with my husband is my dream home.
  • I built my dream home in the city where I was born and I love it. However my retirement home will be in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
  • Mine is on a south seas island close to India and other Asian mainland countries.I would have warm breezes,nice beaches,and be close to other interesting countries to visit.
  • With all my dearer and nearer
  • It's the "who" who makes the home a dream home, not the "where."
  • My dream home is where I used to live before I migrated down to New Zealand. It was in a small village three miles outside Maidstone in Kent, that was called "Boxley!" the road up to my house was called "Pilgrims way!" which was little more than ten foot wide, originally it was the ancient roadway leading from London down to Canterbury Cathedral. it was used by all the pilgrims who walked from London down South to worship in canterbury. Along side the road was "Boxley woods" which in autumn was just pure magic to look at because all the trees were covered in deep golden leaves and the smell of damp leaves was everywhere.It runs alongside the Breadhurst warren which is a small valley in which thousands of rabbits lived. Many a happy morning was spent walking my old dog "Called Ben!" along the banks of the warren. One morning he came upon a small rabbit asleep in a small dent in the ground. he walked over and started to sniff the rabbit which then woke up! Squeeked and then ran off up the hill with Ben in close chase. Finally the rabbit dived into a bramble patch and Ben ran around in almost ever tighter circles until he finally gave up the chase, he then turned to me almost as though he was saying "Okay Mate How did you do that and what am I supposed to do now?" I would sware that Ben knew the English language because he almost always seemed to understand everything I ever said to him. When I flew Downunder Ben was put in a small gage ( He had been microchipped) and he flew downunder with me. When we arrived in Auckland I opened his gage and he looked at me like he was saying "Okay how the hell did you do that?" and he lived with me for ten more years in New Zealand. I don't think he ever understood the fact that we had flown down to almost the other side of the world, every morning he would rush out of the house and look around with a puzzled look in his eyes! Now I'm back in England I will be travelling back down to Boxley to have one more look at my old dream home!
  • in california with my future hubby.
  • My dream home is not a house, it is a happy life with my husband, because that is what makes a home.
  • Here is my dream home: Who would live there? Me, Beau, our 4 collective children and hopefully my parents when they are not busy traveling the US in the RV (they get the In-law suite) My dream house would be built somewhere in the south (TN, GA, SC... that area) That was fun :D
  • My dream home will never exist until I make the most of what I already have.
  • along the coast in Calif - with my sweetums

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