• An old Image Union program with short film called "Kings Day Out". It was about a dog who escapes for the day. When his owner finds him, he has the dog 'snipped'. King then escapes to tell his other dog friends what happened to him. One of the dog friends says to King "Well, that gives you time to think....". I only saw it once, probably 10 years ago. It was just too funny.
  • I laugh every time Bush tries to speak to the people. The funniest moment was his visit in China, where he got stuck at the red door and didn't know what to do. LOL. Oh yeah, not to forget his African Dance and his other dance in the middle of no where. Bush stuck at red door. Bush Tap Dance Bush flicks us off. Bird delivers a white gift to Bush.
  • Lately it was the superbowl commercial where the guy (who was sawing) hit the other guy with a 2 x 4 in his back. Next segment was a guy reaching over trying to give his bowling ball bag to another....Ball came out of the bottom and hit the guy in the head. 3rd segment was a guy standing out of a Limo (out of the sunroof) and hits his head on a low bridge. The commercial ends with a miscommunication between 2 guys about turning on the power (guy was changing a light) The flew into an adjacent sign or building. I just love this commercial and laugh every time.
  • I would have to say... Just for Laughs - GAGS. If you do not know what it is - Montreal Hosts the Just for Laughs fest in Summer every year. There are a bunch of actors that set up people with pranks of all kinds and they film it with hidden cameras. Some of the pranks are Hilarious. If you get a chance to see them - its worth it.
  • Women wearing vagina hats.
  • A bloopers show had a scene with Vanessa Marcil and another actress sitting and relaxing between takes of a TV series called "Las Vegas". Suddenly, someone "onara" rather loudly. The other actress asked Vanessa Marcil if she did it. Vanessa Marcil giggled and admitted she did.
  • The "Ahmends" Snickers commercial. "It's ALMONDS." But the Mayhem guy is funnier. "Recalculating."
    • Linda Joy
      I love Mayhem!!
    • Archie Bunker
      The blind spot one is the best. And the raccoons in the attic is a close second.
  • I would say the Amazon Alexa commercial, were the guys asks about Mars. A query comes in: "Alexa, how far is Mars?" Cardi's reply, after sounding an "okkur!" alert: "Well how am I supposed to know? I never been there. This guy wanna go to Mars! Heh heh. For what? Heh heh. There's not even awxygen there!"

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