• a dead man trying to right his wrongs
  • Hips of a blondie!
  • I believe if you have ever even opened a bible God said he created Man to rule all that soars in the sky, all that squirms on the land, and all that swims in the water. Therefore, I think God gave us the "go ahead" to rule everything in our path.
  • If humans have the capacity to conquer everything in their path, then it may as well be their right. The only thing that can stop humans from doing it is themselves.
  • We didn't ask.
  • We did, by buying into the idea of a Fiat monetary system based on credit. Some greedy bankers and politicians planned this back in the 19-teens, once the Fed was in place, it was all down hill from there. If you want to know what humanity's future is going to be like check out the video. Now you may not believe it, but that's okay, your not supposed to, your supposed to do what your duly elected public servants tell you to do... right? This is a compilation illustrating the scientific New World Order dictatorship governed by Lord Rothschild/Queen Beatrix, and David Rockefeller's criminal jack booted Northern Command army which was used to threaten the U.S. Congress with physical martial law in America if the so-called bailout bill was not passed. One of their jobs is to protect this globalist crime syndicate who looted 10+ trillion from the retirement accounts in the U.S.A. Northcom's HQ is located in Colorado Springs, CO in a mountain facility. They were directly involved in carrying out the attacks of 9/11 against the Republic of the United States. They have committed high treason besides mass murder, and they must and will one day be held accountable and be judged for their works. I know their works, I know their minds, and I have laid before you here a glimpse of their evil in such a way that is very damaging and discrediting to them. Knowing your enemy is half the battle. If you don't think it can happen in your neighborhood, that's okay, the good people of Arcadia Iowa didn't think it would happen to them either.
  • Bacchus told me he did.
  • Ahhh... that was me. Sorry, guys. My bad.
  • you can if you want just look deep within yourself and you will find the answer. of course if you disapprove of mans conquests then you could always become a hermit
  • I think it was the Consortium of Lack of Competition
  • You've got your choice between a Biblical answer and a materialistic answer. As pointed out alread, God instructed man to go out and subdue the whole earth. The materialist, on the other hand, isn't interested in "shoulds" and "shouldn'ts", but in "cans" and "can'ts". Might is the only right in nature; success is it's own vindication. (Not that nature or any part of it actually has the least idea or concern about questions of justice, fairness, or legal entitlement.) Homo Sapiens has overrun the planet because it could -- and any and every other species on the planet would have done the same if it had the ability. (It's not our fault the rest of the animal kingdom just can't keep up!) Of course, some might argue that ants and termites have done it as well - and termites are the #1 producers of Greenhouse Gasses on the planet - but just try to get them to even consider signing Kyoto!
  • OK, you asked a very provocative question. So stand by for a very provocative answer, my friend. You ask "Who gave humans the go ahead...". What you are asking is either "who gave humans the right..." or "who gave humans the ability..." Either one implies that SOMEONE or SOMETHING gave humans either the right or the capability (or both) to do so. For the sake of this discussion, let's leave the theological aspect out of this and focus solely on humans. And let's also consider first "ability". "Ability", as applied to characteristics inherent within a species, is NOT granted by any one individual, or group of individuals. It is a physical, emotional, intellectual, and psychological characteristic inherent within a given species. A cow has the ability to survive and reproduce as defined by it's inherent characteristics. So it eating grass and what-not, getting boinked by the occasional bull and dropping a calf once in a while, and so forth. A lion has the ability to survive and reproduce as defined by it's inherent characteristics as well. So it killing and eating cows and what-not, boinking each other and dropping a litter of kittens once in a while, and so forth. Animal and prey both move around and, given an opening, will dominate a given niche to the maximum extent possible. Introduce an animal in a friendly environment with no natural predators, and they will multiply without end until the reacy the limits of the ability of the land to support them. And then they die off until a new equilibrium is reached. By the same token, intoduce a predator into a new enviroment where it has no restrictions, and it will rapidly multiply and deplete all the natural prey there until a new equilibrium is reached also. In both cases, mass extinctions of other native fauna and flora may occur. And this happens naturally as well...not just because humans introduce new animals into new environments. If an animal has greater capabilities of survival and adaptaion, then they will occupy a larger environment and push other species out as required. So, too, do humans have the ability to survive and reproduce. Only we are capable of much more than our other animal cousins. And so we do it. Why? Well, in terms of ability, it's because WE CAN. Just like our animal cousins. Now, let's consider the flip side of the coin: the "right". The term "right" is strictly a human term that has little, if any, meaning to our animal cousins. It is, by definition, human-centric. It is defined and acted upon SOLELY by humans and any benefits the rest of the animal kingdom derives is SOLELY a result of how we apply those rights with respect to how HUMANS interact with ANIMALS. NOT between the animals themselves. For example, the "right" to life. It has meaning ONLY to humans. If we believe it is the right of every human to to control his own life and live it the way he wishes without fear of having his life taken away from him involuntarily, and we codify it into law, then that is a HUMAN right. If we believe that it is the right of every animal to control his own life and live it the way it wishes without fear of having his life taken away from him involuntarily, and we codify it into law, then that is an animal PRIVILAGE granted by humans ONLY with respect to human/animal interactions. It would NOT, however, be a true right for animals. For rights to actually BE rights, they have to apply to EVERYBODY (in this case EVERY ANIMAL) equally under the law. However, animals do NOT have a concept of "rights" as human's know the term. If they did, then the lion, who chases down a gazelle fleeing in terror and jumps on it, rips its throat out, and then procedes to tear the dying animal apart to eat, would be guilty of murder for violating the gazelle's right to live. So, with respect to "rights", HUMAN'S grant themselves this. And we do this because we have the ability to conceive of such concepts as "rights" in the first place. So it goes back to human abilities again. So, in answer to your question of who gave humans the go ahead to conquer everything in their path? WE DID. Because we can. If we didn't have the ability...then we wouldn't. It's that simple. <EDIT> You will note that I did NOT discuss the concepts of "right and wrong" or "good or evil" during this. These are separate issues, also directly relating to human concepts. I make no assumptions of what is "right/good" or "wrong/evil" in the above discussion, so please do not make any assumptions on which I catagory I consider our actions to fall under as a species with respect to how we comport ourselves on this subject.
  • Our biological imperative.
  • It was the voices i tell you..the damn voices!!!
  • No one person would ever admit to the aforementioned
  • Charles Darwin. Before there was a concept of "survival of the fittest," we didn't really have a justification, but we did it just the same. Now it's not just a right, but a biological imperative as well.
  • God did. See . And, from "Humans began as vegetarians (Genesis 1:29) but later, after the Flood, The Lord declared that it was acceptable to slaughter clean animals (see the Fact Finder question below) for food: "And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air, upon all that moveth upon the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea; into your hand are they delivered. Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things." (Genesis 9:2-3 KJV)."
  • no one gave us the go ahead....people just do it because they have the ability.
  • Putting aside any talk of higher beings, I believe that we gave ourselves the go ahead. Kings and politicians may have lead the way in any destruction, but it was the general population that allowed them to do so.

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