• Cheating will only make it worse...I'd Tell him youre sorry and you want to see other people, then don't jump right into it with the other guy, wait a month or so Hope this helps.
  • how is cheatingn going to spare his feelings, break up with him...simple as that
  • If you want to see someone else, you need to break up with your boyfriend. You say you don't want to hurt his feelings, but you consider cheating as an option? Either you want to be with your boyfriend, or you want to see other people. You can't have it both ways. Either stay committed to your boyfriend, and don't do ANYTHING with anyone else, or break it off with your boyfriend, and pursue whomever you want. Don't cheat.
  • Honesty is the best policy, always.
  • Yeah Definatly don't cheat.... Try the "I'm really sorry, but I don't think it's going to work out....". It works everytime, and it doesn't totaly distroy your current bfs heart.
  • definitly dont cheat because everyone will end up geting hurt. if i were you i would be honest with my bf and if you care about him you wouldnt cheat
  • If you really have to ask this my guess is you are not as into your current bf as you say and in that case, either break up and don't waste his time and yours. Then you won't have to cheat.
  • cheating would only hurt his feelings anymore, plus your reputation would go down. Just tell your bf how you feel.
  • well if you love both then tell your boyfriend you want to option date;thats where you can date atleast three guys at once.and if he doest agree than now its time to find out which one you REALLY like the most.
  • I think you are selfish because your first answer to solving this problem is cheating. You never stop to think about how you may hurt the other person involved. Why don't you be honest with yourself and to both guys? If you cheated with this other guy and end up falling in love with him, don't you think you will be hurting boyfriend no. one big time when he finds out?
  • waiting before dating another guy is so important. i made that mistake and now i really regret it.
  • How do you tell someone "I have a boyfriend but I like you more"? I don't know. You MIGHT start the new affair shortly before ending the old one, just to minimize the risk of being left alone. But you can't be taking the path of least resistance, you will have to break up with your bf soon.
  • Honesty. Tell him up front what your feelings are. However, I would suggest finding out whether the new guy likes you too, otherwise you'll be left entirely alone, with no good reason for it.
  • make a decision quickly before you lose both guys
  • Well let me say this if you do cheat on your current bf with this other guy I hope and pray you get what you deserve which is to lose them both and get a rep around town as being untrustworthy. You say you don't want to hurt your current b/f but you can't help ypur feelings for hthis other guy if you cheat on your current b/f don't you think his feelings will be more hurt because you cheated instead of being honest with him. Instead of thinking about this other guy how about trying to focus on fixing what is wrong with the relationship between you and your current b/f first and if you feel that it can't be worked out then tell him the truth in the mean time til that time comes stay clear away from this other guy.
  • yea sure cheat make things more of a mess than they are .cheaters suck ,my advice do the right thing finish it with bf before doing anything withthe new guy.its not rocket science

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