• A smile and a prompt greeting. Attention to cleanliness. A sincere attempt to get my order right And make me feel like I am not burdening you by merely being there, no matter how stressed you are. That rates 17-22% from me.
  • Helpfulness, not being overly talkative as I am there to eat not make friends, and flawless service.I am a big tipper, but only when they do a good job, some waitresses seem to expect a tip because they are paid little on an hourly basis. It's all about service quality, and this shouldn't include food quality, as the waitress generally has no control over it.
  • As a former waitress, the best way to make tips is to be available to your customers. Even if you are completely swamped and running around like a crazy woman, always acknowledge your customers. If you can't be there for them right now, at least let them know you will be there soon. Be friendly and courteous, but not too over the top. Your job is to do everything in your power to make your customers happy.
  • Making sure drinks are always filled. Being friendly but not overly so. Smiling and being polite. Greeting me within one minute of being seated. Getting our order correct-if you took it correctly but the cooks got it wrong then I won't hold it against you. Basically just treat every customer with the same service as you would like to receive. I will usually tip 15-20% when the service is excellent no matter what restaurant I am in.
  • as a waitress of 13 years..if you see a drink 1/2 full fill it...If they are done with a plate ask if you can get it out of their way..if you work smokling take the ashtray when you serve the food and give them a clean ashtray at that time cap it first though..meaning cover the dirty one with the clean one remove both from table set the clean one down ( keeps ashes from going on table) oh and ALWAYS repeat the order before you put it in the computer..and SMILE!!
  • A positive attitude; it translates into everything I like in a waitress. Smile, power, doing the job right...
  • Here's an article with a few ideas about managing stress when you're a server... How to Survive Waitressing : Relieve Food Service Stress in Five Simple Steps

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