• Mid Winter Blues! They tell me it's because we don't get enough sunshine. I don't know what it is, but I know what you mean!
  • Yeah,Thats why I like working in the school system.Off today due to a snow storm!March break starts friday!But it is still hard to function and get motivated..force yourself!
  • I get that way. My grandmother said it may be my body not adjusted to the warming weather yet. She had allot of old school wisdom. She told me drink sassafras tea sweetened with honey once a day.That works for me anyway.
  • I'm giving up work for Lent this year.
  • yes cabin fever, methinks. get out and soak up some sunshine
  • Yes, I do find it harder this time of the year. Once the holidays are behind us, time seems to slow down until spring gets here. We had such a rough winter this year and I'm anxious for spring and really could use some time off.
  • no, i wish i had a job in the first place

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