• With me you can't sorry is an attempt to excuse behavior that you have done at my expense so you can do it again later, speaking or which later.
  • Just say it. He'll accept it or not. If you really are sorry, then take your medicine. If you're really not, move on to Mr. Musclehead.
  • With eye contact and pure sincerity. Mean what you say and say what you mean. As in, be prepared to back it up with your actions... not just your words.
  • There isn't anything wrong or anything more to add then just saying your sorry. As long as your not just saying it or using it to make him not be upset. Allow him to be upset and get it off his chest. Try to make a point not to repeat the mistake in the future. If what you are saying your sorry about, is something you keep doing, then chances are sorry isn't going to cut it and promises won't either. Many make the mistake and think that saying I am sorry fixes everything like new but that is only a small part of it. Making sure you do not repeat it is another and allowing the person you are saying it to time to get over it and the last thing is allow time to heal the problem. If he is the type that just gets quiet and mad suggest he open up and vent it will do him a world of good. I use to go to the batting cages when I got upset to work out my issues.
  • say it when you're on your knee's with a mouthfull
  • just say it sorry .. without any explanation .. keep wet eyes ..dont cry
  • lol not if he's stubborn, the first girl i slept with,i was her first too, together for a year, we been seeing each other casually on and off since, she is in love with me, but she made the stupid mistake of sleeping with my friend when drunk, ive wrote her out of my life, and i feel sorry for her cuz i know how much i meant to her, and thats not being big headed, thats the truth, and shes begged for me back, ive ignored her ever since, i really wish we could go back to the way things were, but i aint ever guna have anything to do with her again, and she truely loves me.
  • say it and then PROVE it , as in action...what is it? Love means never having to say you're sorry!!! don't think that there has ever been a more truer line written...I always felt " i would not do that to u because I love u" and knew my love was not the same as his..... and will never see how one says they love somebody but does very hurtful and destructable things...thats not LOVE....its more control or the lack there of....or an "in the moment" is respect, trust and a mutual affection and care for one another......
  • It depends on what you did. Some things are unforgivable.
  • Sorry is so easy to say ... BUT it is the ACTIONS of being sorry that count ... since Sorry is just a word and excuse for wrong behavior ; "MOST" of the time . THEN; there are things that a MILLION "Sorries" will not cure .. such as "CHEATING" ; (in my book) .... IF you are truly SORRY for whatever it was that you did ... YOU need to go ahead and apologize in front of God and everybody ... Confess to what you did and make sure HE understands that it will NEVER-EVER happen again .
  • you can't
  • just be honest he probley knows youve learnt your lesson.
  • i wasnt implying thats how he felt about you kitiria sorry if it came across like that, that was just how i felt with this girl, i think the guy really likes you, and why he has been beaing himself up over the breakup, being miserable, you have been with another man, that would be hard to take. very hard.
  • You already have your have to mean what you say. When you say it, mean it.
  • give him the best blow job/ sex you can!
  • Do they believe you anyway..
  • By doing something meaningful? (To him)
  • probably by your actions

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