• 3way? nothing major..
  • A girl once laughed at me during sex, so I broke off a nearby table leg (only an inch in diametre) and stuck it in her arse, shouting "YOU WANT ANAL? HERE'S YOUR ANAL". I then went next door to smoke a joint with my mate who pissed himself laughing as I was telling him and my other flat mate went in and fucked the girl , supposedly, the way I couldn't. lol Surprisingly, after that, I got into anal sex. Not sure if this is the "kinkiest" thing, or "sickest". PS we had both consumed a large amount of alcohol. :p
  • Stripped naked to play in the pool while my friends kept their bathing suits on.
  • Shot a mixture of his urine and semen out of a shotglass. Had a couple of threesomes. Had a couple experiences with just another girl. Slept with one of my high school teachers (AFTER I graduated.) Let him rim me while I sucked his cock. Roleplayed Daddy/little girl. Watched him suck my vibrator like it was a cock. I could go on and on and on......
  • Swapped wives a few times....kinky???...nothing to me is love it all.
  • Kinky is all about perspective... So I would say I have never done anything kinky... erotic yes...
  • Naughtiest was having sex when her mom was asleep on the other side of the room.
  • thats an easy answer for me. The kinkiest thing I have ever done is just admitting to all of you what kind of sexual life/love life I have been missing all these years and hope to find someday. sorry if I sound...square!
  • When I was in 8th grade my girlfriend at the time gave me a bj in the back seat of her mother's car while her mother drove us around. Her mom thought we were just relaxing in the back seat until she made that slurping sound really loud. Her mom said, what are you doing back there??? We said we were just kissing but I think she knew. Good times!

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