• Usually when it comes to fashion, if you have to ask it’s not a good idea. To be a good dresser other then buying pricy clothing is to just feel good in what you have on with out to much thought behind it. If you’re trying to impress then I can tell you right now brown and/or red are bad ideas. But if you need to have red and brown together, the only thing I can see looking good is red under brown, and use light browns.
  • Yes, of course you can wear brown with red, especially if it's a nice chocolate brown! Try adding to the outfit with a complimenting scarf or funky handbag.
  • Some people can carry this off. Some have even become famous for it.
  • Yes. Whatever keeps you warm, I say wear it.
  • You should be highly visible. If it keeps you warm, then go for it.
  • Wellllllllllll to be technical about it......(I'm a former wardrobe guy) it depends.....SOME reds have a warm, or yellowish undertone; and THOSE would go well with brown.......IF, though, the red has a cool undertone, sometimes called 'candy apple red'.......then it wouldn't go as well.. Brown is a warm color so anything you wear with it should have the same me, you'll look better if you take this advice!! how to tell if the red's cool or warm? easy......take a yellow or blue towel, etc., either one, and hold it next to the red in question... if the red goes with the yellow, it's a warm red; if it clashes, it's a cool red.........see how easy!!!!!!!??????
  • It's possible depending on the red and brown color but, in general, no.
  • If I try really really hard... I think I can... Colors colliding ... Yes, YES... I CAN DO IT !

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