• yeah they sure put a lot of time pressing the suit/gown and putting on the shoes so you would think they should show that part too..
  • I think I myself would ask why do they show the body at all? I think I would want my loved one remembered as how they were when they were alive..not sucked dry, stuffed full of paper, coated in makeup and hairspray and lying there for everyone to gape at and cry all over. I've seen a few open casket funerals and the person never really looks like themselves yet people always say "he looks so go, like he's resting"..WTF? They make it sound like they person just go back from a freaking vacation or something! But I point before I got sidetracked was, I have been to a few open casket funerals and some did show the entire body and some did not.
  • Aw this question made me sad... But anyway I don't know why...
  • Interesting question. I never gave it any thought. (But then again...I never think about bodies in caskets.) The first thing that comes to mind is... ...what purpose would seeing the lower half of the "dearly departed" serve?

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