• The best medication I have used for headache, muscle pain, is GOODY'S powder. It may tast bad, but they work I use the Extra Strength Formula for amazingly fast relief. Drug Facts Active ingredients (per powder) Acetaminophen 260 mg...............Pain reliever/Fever reducer Aspirin 520 mg.....................Pain reliever/Fever reducer Caffeine 32.5 mg........................Pain reliever aid
  • If you are suffering with long term chronic pain, A mixture of Dhydracodeine, Diclofenic 24 hr modifyied release drug, and Amytryptaline at night. These must be prescribed tho!
  • What I have learned to be the best muscle relaxer which also helps with joints is flexeril (generic name: cyclobenzaprime) but you are also going to want to take an anti-inflamatory. Naproxen works very well for that.
  • I broke both of my ankles so I should know my stuff, Vicodin was the best for me, Naproxen didnt work at all, Morphine was terrible because it shut down my digestive system, Percocet was a close second behind Vicodin - be careful with these two though, they can become really addictive, especially if your joint pain is gonna be around for a while. The only thing I take now is Ibuprofen, it's safe and probably the best pain reliever you can take for extended periods of time. Hope you're not gonna need the drugs for long, get well soon!
  • It's called Sports Creme it is the best - I have a lot of muscle trouble and that creme is super
  • a heat pack, followed closely by any balm like Tiger Balm, Goanna oil etc
  • My Doctor prescribes me Voltarol SR, if it is the best or not i do not know . It is an anti-inflammatory.
  • For joint pain you might try the least toxic reliever first--all those others have to be metabolized by your liver--and the least toxic for joints (probably not muscles) is plain old castor oil. I have some arthritis in my right hand and cut the fingertips off an old cloth glove and a rubber glove, soaked the cloth glove in oil and wear it for half an hour while typing or whatever. Drugstores also have a gel with castor oil, Castiva, in heating & cooling formulas.
  • i have sciatica and arthritis and use a tens machine they'r good
  • I like an old fashioned hot bath and back massage.
  • I teach a mix of health sciences and self defense ... as an instructor of accupressure massage therapy, I can say that a simple and temporary numbing nerve pinch is both 100% effective (for a short while) and 100% drug free ... followed by a full Chi healing massage to the affected area before the pinch wears off ... as for what type of medication, there are several good recipies of traditional Chinese Herbology healing linements developped and perfected over the many centuries of martial arts practice ... try entering "Dit Da Jow" into a search engine and just see how much info on Chinese herbs comes up ... ... here is just one very simple and cheap recipe ... Dit Da Jow recipe: Arnica blossoms (anti-inflammatory, pain relief) Comfrey (anti-inflammatory, pain relief) Blessed Thistle (blood purifier) Goldenseal root (antibiotic, wound healing) Ginger root (circulation, wound healing, pain relief) Myrrh (antiseptic, circulation, wound healing) Sarsaparilla root (blood purifier) Witch Hazel (anti-inflammatory, pain relief) Use equal proportions of all the herbs (OK, myrrh is a resin) listed, by weight. I measure them out on a small kitchen scale (mine is calibrated in grams, but American versions no doubt do ounces). Grind the herbs in a mortar & pestle (or electric grinder) and place them in a glass jar. Add 80 or 90 proof grain alcohol (I use vodka); use 4 ounces of dried herbs to one pint of alcohol base (or equivalent proportions). Seal the jar tightly. Allow the infusion to work for two weeks; once or twice a day, swirl the liquid gently through the herbal mash. After two weeks, strain off the liquid and discard the herbal residue; pour into smaller glass containers. This tincture can be applied as is to swollen or bruised areas, or can be mixed with a thickener (like lanolin or safflower oil) and a hardener (like beeswax) to make an ointment. This formulation has also been effective in the treatment of arthritis, for pain relief and restoration of range of motion.
  • Percocet/Hydrocodone. Nothing has worked better for me.
  • Ibuleve Ibuprofen Gel or Ibuprofen tablets.
  • I use robaxacet platinum,it really works for me.

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