• Reform, and legalize marijuana. Tax it, and make the government money. +3
  • tighter regulations on welfare and citenzenship tests!
  • That you must be 21 to buy alcohol or cigarettes. If you can go to war at age 18 then you should be able to buy alcohol and cigarettes at 18.
  • I have ALWAYS felt that the laws (and penalties) for major crimes were way to lenient. I don't think it could be called "one law/rule" but, I think the penalties for committing major felony crimes should be harsh enough to dissuade someone from ever committing another crime! For example: Murder - life without parole Rape - life without parole Child Abuse (sexual) - life without parole Death caused by drunken driver - life without parole I just feel that there would be somewhat less of these crimes committed, if the penalties were harsher, J.M.O.
  • As a worker u need more holidays.

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