• half price vacuum cleaner and lawnmower - I complained to the company that they had not delivered them on time, then they had cancelled my order etc - eventually, they gave me them both at half price.
  • I got my Playstation 2 fixed for free. it broke and they wanted to charge me for it. It was the third time that it broke.
  • I complained to MGR at Lone Star because of a live BUG in my lettuce salad - they gave us the meal free and I learned to never eat a salad at a restaurant again!!
  • $400 from Telstra.. plus a free phone and car kit. they replaced a perfectly good CDMA mobile phone network with a shoddy nextG one. and then had to make sure i was ok with that.... :D
  • A cheque for £8 from Nestle after I found a black hard thing in a chocolate bar.
  • I got the purchase price of a package of beef jerky replaced....two coupons for their brand new product and a cap & T-shirt with the company logos. Plus a nice letter of apology signed by the workers on the production line! It worked out really nice for me!
  • A brand new XBox 360. They just didn't even bother trying to fix mine and sent me a new one.
  • A new stereo in my truck. I took the truck back to the dealer three times because the jerks kept putting the wrong stereo in it. The manager finally installed it himself and took the full price off the amount of the truck.
  • A refurbished phone.

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