• I think if you have a reason you don't want to be with them anymore... that is justified enough.
  • Depends on the situation I suppose. In my opinion.. cheating, drugs, abuse, etc are all justified reasons. There are many other reasons to get divorced, just depends on the situation.
  • If you do not love them anymore (all you do is fight) If one of you is cheating. If there is physical / emontional abuse.
  • If they are abusive. If they have committed adultery and there is no hope for the marriage to continue.
  • Abuse and cheating.
  • Darlin you dont need a justifiable reason babe, if your unhappy then go if you think it wont change
  • cheating, abuse, and ungodly lifestyles
  • If he comes home and screams at you for the garbage not being empty.
  • abuse of any kind
  • If you no longer feel safe around him.
  • cheating and abuse
  • Fornication.
    • Thinker
      The term fornication does not mean pre-marital sex. Fornication involves having sexual relations with a pagan fertility goddess. In fact when translating the Bible into Latin there was no direct translation for "pornia". The translators took the word "forenix" and the Greek word pornia forming the word fornication. A forenix was a small anti-room in the gates of old walled cities. Forenix is also a small "L" shaped wall along the allies of ancient buildings where prostitutes plied their trade. The prostitutes would be at the open end to attract their customers. They would take the customer to the closed end having sex with them. Prostitution was accepted and never in violation of the law.
  • Mental or physical abuse. You need to get out of that situation as soon as possible. Other issues need to at least be worked through. If they are not willing to confront the issues and work with you to resolve them, that would be another reason.
  • I think it is reason enough if you don't want the marriage anymore.
  • you are over him/her don't want to go on pretending and waste time
  • he doesnt view women as people
  • Abuse in any form. Cheating in any form. Not being happy. He/she posted your nudes all over the internet.. etc.. there are plenty of reasons.
  • One doesn't really have to have a reason for leaving your spouse. The main reason for divorcing your spouse is for adultery. Contrary to modern belief adultery does not include sexual infidelity. Adultery is anything that violates the marriage vows given between a couple. Failure for one spouse to care for, provide, for, or shelter the other spouse is adultery and a cause for divorce. Physical or mental abuse is also a reason for divorce. (anything that injures physically or mentally another person is not acceptable) If a couple no longer love one another they can file for divorce and probably should. Using sexual adultery is not one of the reasons Biblically. Intercourse is a biological function of the body. Love is an emotional acceptance of another person. When the biological and the emotional love come together so much the better. Be careful what you vow to one another when marrying a person. If you vow "To remain together until death do you part" for instance you and your spouse are to remain together until one or the other dies. You are held accountable for vows, broken or not.

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