• I dont think the reason an institution makes a kid wear a uniform is necessarily to make you look stupid its more to show uniformity, everyone on the same playing field, not contest on who is better dressed etc ...... plus from a parent point of view it cost effienct! Ok I will give you the ugly some of the uniforms I have seen do no justice!
  • Even if it makes NO sense to you...Have you thought about poor kids who's parents can not afford to buy them new clothes? I think uniforms are good at least for middle school students because they are all wearing basically the same thing
  • My step-daughter, and now my grand-daughter, both wore/wear school uniforms. The thought behind it is to eliminate all the fashion competition and concentrate on academics. I would have to agree, some of the clothing I've seen worn in the local public schools is reprehensible. I don't know why some parents let their kids out of the house in what I've seen.
  • It is a proven fact that students who wear uniforms are less disruptive in class than those who are allowed wear their own clothes.It also avoids competition between the students. Plus it cuts down on the wash for parents and is cost effective.
  • I think it's a good thing, actually. Saves me time getting dressed in the morning, makes the school generally look better and more 'together', if you know what I mean.
  • Instead of worrying so much about your uniform, perhaps you should concentrate on your spelling and grammar. I know most uniforms are ugly, but in the grand scheme of things, not all that important.
  • The basic idea of uniforms is uniformity. Some kids cannot afford the expensive clothes of today and it has a psychological effect on them. In order to correct this problem, school uniforms came to pass. Uniforms treat all students the same.
  • Well obviously you've never seen a 16 y/o Catholic School
  • I have always liked the idea of uniforms. Wished my school had required them sometimes, even as a kid, and I think it's even worse now, and more needed. The idea is to help kids concentrate on why they are in school and what they are supposed to be doing there, as it's not just social function to go to every day. It helps take pressure off of many kids AND parents to supply their kids with the trendiest fashions and accessories, and instead place the emphasis where it should lie, on the schooling and education.
  • My nieces and nephews will start wearing uniforms next year and I personally think it's a good idea. My brother and sister spend a lot of money at the start of every semester on clothes that the kids are going to grow out of or ruin in a short time. Some schools do make uniforms look ugly but hey it saves you money lol. I wore uniforms in middle school and I didn't think it was THAT bad. People pretty much wear the same clothes anyway without uniforms...Hollister, American Eagle, Aeropostale. In high school I felt that name brand was the uniform.
  • students should wear unifroms because it creates less of a hassle in the morning. I mean who wants to weak up every morning and pick out what to wear, half the time you leave home un satisfied with what you wear. I mean u feel as if you must compete with your friends to win the title of best dress. SInce when was this a fashion show. with uniforms you wouldn't have to feel let down because every 1 else loooks the same.. so you wouldn't need to compete to look better. all that is left up to u is to make sure ur hair is nicely done< adding jewlery will make it look nicer and it welll create our look to fit your personality

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