• She was supposed to get stoned, wasn't she?
  • i would say NO..if ur mom or dad lost their home due to a gambling problem...u would try to help over come this sin, etc. no, child should ever have to agree or accept adultery on either side, step parents should never be forced on anyone...respect or honor is earned...that is not saying be hostile or mean to her, just let her go and take care of the father.... its kinda of same as in a wife is supposed to submit, as Abigail did with her husband Nabor, until a grave sin was involved , she went over Nabors head then and helped King David.... so, honor and respect as long as "no sin involved".. went 3 yrs. not being around my mom anymore..not ugly or wished any harm, just didn't want it in my life or my children's...she came around, thank God...if u have a good parent or parent's...yes, take care of them, it is no one's responsibility but urs and especially not the church's if they have able children.. adultery can be forgiven, but God does not "overlook" a broken vow..til death do ye if she remains unmarried, she hasn't broken vow ... i got rid of negativity in a respectful manner until my mom decided to come around...hope this helps
  • "honor" in the way of, care for her if she gets sick, give a proper burial, pray for her soul. God loves terrible people as much as He loves good people. we must try to show a Godly love too even under these circumstances. not easy, but it is redemptive. pray for her repentence. God is patient.
  • I am not a Christian, so maybe I'm missing something. The context here is the parent-child relationship. It seems to me that the Bible verse is admonishing children to honor their parents *for being* their parents -- not for being drunks, fornicators, idolators, thieves, murderers, etc. Your parents gave birth to you, provided for you and protected you. These are unique gifts which cannot be repaid, and they will always be worthy of honor for having done these things. Did you see the movie "Hero," starring Dustin Hoffman? A small-time thief, who lies and b.s.'es he way through life, rejected by everyone of character who knows him, is minding his own business when a jet crashes in front of him. He performs a selfless act, saving the lives of several people; and then returns to his life of lying, cheating, etc. Is he to be honored for these things? No. But the people whose lives he saved will always honor him for the gift of life he gave them. There is a scene at the end of the film where he's in the same room with one of the people he saved, a woman. She doesn't approve of him, and she doesn't pretend otherwise. But as she's leaving him for the last time, she turns to him and says, "Thank you for saving my life." She didn't approve of him, but she honored him for the gift of life he gave her. I think it's the same thing with your parents. You don't have to like them, you don't have to approve of everything they do. But they gave you a gift that you cannot repay; and for that, if nothing else, they will always deserve respect.
  • Saul for many years hunted down and tried to kill David (1 Samuel 18 - 20). Yet in spite of that he never lifted up his hand against the "annointed one of Jehovah". In fact, when an Amalekite man had claimed to have mercy-killed Saul, David put him to death for the great disrespect shown to God's annointed (the very same man who previously tried to have David killed). (2 Samuel 1:1-15). When the commandment "Honor thy father and thy mother" is given, it means regardless of the circumstances. (Ex 20:12; Repeated in the NT at Mat 15:4 and Eph 6:2) That's not to say it means one must always obey your father and mother [specifically in the case of requests going against God's word], but it does say that one must always honor them.
      You are wrong, yes Saul did. He tried many times to kill David, David had already been anointed. You are quoting the wrong man. David said at 2 Sam. 26:11 "It is unthinkable from God Almighty's standpoint for me to lift my hand against the anointed of Almighty God"
  • Honor her always but don't compromise your values
  • Yes, because the bible does not say honor both parents, unless one cheats on the other... It is short and simple "honor your father and mother for this is right"-doesnt mean they have to be in the right..
  • Honoring your parent has to do with showing the proper respect for their rules and authority. If one or the other parent has behaved in a disrespectful manner, the child does not have to approve of what the wrong parent did and they would not be bound to 'respecting' the bad behavior that the parent displayed, but they would have to respect the parents authority if they were still in the household.
  • to err repeatedly is human to forgive is divine
  • First, what kind of adultery did she commit? Sex does not necessarily mean adultery. Adultery is actually breaking of the marriage covenant. This can take place in a number of ways such as not taking care of the husband or wife and or family. The husband can commit adultery by failure to feed, shelter, cloth and have sex with her. This is in Leviticus but don't have time to look up the verse right now. The same for a woman for her husband. Adultery can include sex but it does not have too. If the husband does not fulfill his marital congical rights the wife can have sex and not commit adultery. Today's terminology is different from what is written in the Bible.
  • Get over it. She is still your mother and gave birth to you so you owe her.

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