• yes I am comfortable, they are my sisters, I seen them ever since they were born
  • Both, but i rather see than be seen.........
  • im comfortable weve got nothing that any of us havnt seen b4
  • not really no.
  • Edit: I wouldn't be comfortable seeing my brother undressed or him seeing me. When I left home, he was still young enough that I'd bathe him, and at that point it wouldn't have upset me so much if he'd seen me naked, because I was seeing him naked, after all. But at this point, with both of us grown, I wouldn't be comfortable with it, because other than little children, the only people who see me naked are sex partners, so I'm used to associating nakedness with sexuality, and I've also internalized the social conditioning against incest, so I'd be uncomfortable with a sexual situation between my brother and I. ----- I see I've been given a -2. I've rephrased my answer, after thinking about it. My original answer was: "No, we're both adults and of opposite genders." I'm guessing I got a -2 because I assumed that adult siblings of different genders would feel a certain way about each other, and through my assumption, I've judged people who feel differently from me and my brother. I'm sorry for my assumption and judgement. If you gave me that -2, maybe you'd like to give your opinion so that I can know how I've offended you.

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