• Important parts of our makeup are very primitive. I'm thinking specifically of the fight-or-flight instincts wired into our nervous system, which date back many millions of years. When we're attacked or threatened, adrenaline kicks in, the mind focuses attention instantly on survival, the heart pumps, strength increases, etc. This is a very primitive response, and often it saves our lives. However, "modern" humans, with all of our sophistication, have a very interesting characteristic: this fight-or-flight response gets activated in many situations where our body is not the least bit threatened. For example, if someone insults us (or our mother!), the corresponding emotional response is driven by the same fight-or-flight mechanism. This is strange, because our lives are not actually threatened, and yet a system evolved to save our lives is activated in the presence of a completely harmless "threat". The situation becomes clear when we see that there is another kind of "myself" which the system is trying to protect -- the images and concepts I have about myself -- i.e. "ego". The ego isn't a real entity, certainly nothing as real as the body, and yet the mind BELIEVES that it represents "myself", and will gladly pump adrenaline to protect this self from threats. So how many conflicts in modern times are at least partly rooted in this misguided application of fight-or-flight? Many, I think. And in that respect, yes, we're still very primitive. It's just that now we have very sophisticated weapons with which to express our primitive reactions.
  • Well 911 happened sooooo no. Primitive people didnt have airplanes, bud.
  • Yes, extremely primitive and barbaric and you don't need any other proves see the way humans are wasting so much resources into warfare and high tech weaponry whilst left the extremely impoverished worlds to starve to death. If wisdom and compassion, being the two most important foundations embodied by all super advanced races throughout the universe, are not repected by the human race, the we are doomed.
  • Compared to what? I mean, we are probably the least primative animal of this planet. Of course, we are often controlled by our past, but, how many species on this planet have a strong sense of self and can actually decide not to follow their instincts. How many can comprehend complex tools and machines. How many strive to cure desease in ourselves and other species as well. Or even conceive that there may be animals sonewhere more advanced than us. So, unless you can show me a some off-world species to compare to, I'm gonna have to say we are the least primative animal on the planet right now.
  • Yes, as long as we are believing that a man died on a cross just to forgive us for our sins, I would consider us quite primitive. Must shed blood ugggh...
  • And Barbaric. You forgot Barbaric.

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