• Not by much. my demeanor is the same but I'm far more confident than I ever was.
  • I'm more wise but just as goofy!
  • Yes, very much. I'm no longer too timid to voice my opinions and feelings, I'm not as much of a bleeding heart or push-over as I once was. As a teenager, I was very insecure and had no backbone because I didn't want to be involved in any kind of conflict. I've now come to understand that some conflicts are healthy and productive, and most of what I have to say really doesn't have the dramatic impact I once feared it would. I guess I worried too much. I don't miss that!
  • Absolutely. Several times.
  • ya, in 3 years ive gotten more mellow, not as loud as i once was, and im still young so maybe itll change again? who knows
  • less person more "ality"...reality!
  • Definetly, I used to be really shy and quiet .. and now I've gotten a lot more confident, charming, flirty, and I'm not afraid to say whatever I want to ..
  • My initial reaction was "heck yea, I used to be overly confident and slightly narcissistic." Then I realized that's about how I would describe myself now. I think I'm slightly more irritable now, though. Just slightly.

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