• probably
  • 101???? I probably could but damn....that's a lot of reasons.
  • easily
  • Would you settle for 10 reasons?
  • you mean my ex S/O? Nope I can't even think of 1
  • yes, but I'm not going to.
  • Yes, but it would take way too long!
  • for sure could with out a doubt i think the better question at the moment is could he
  • Probably not, but then again i dont need 101 reasons to love her.
  • Probably not, because the reasons would all inter twine in some way!!
  • maybe, but i only need one: Because he is himself!
  • Yes, although they'd best be summarized as being her imperfections, her eccentricities, her intellect, her natural beauty, and her ability to enrapture me with but the slightest touch. Or, to quote Chasing Amy, she is "the... the epitome of everything I have ever looked for in another human being."
  • its sad to say but i know i love him not because of the nice things he does but the bad. Besides my father he is the only one who has had the ability to hurt me. He can make me feel worthless with a word make me afraid for years. he makes me hurt with out doing a thing. someone who can hurt you so much by doing so little has to mean something... i just wish i hadn't found out that way
  • can you?
  • 1. She's always there for me. 2. She makes me breakfast in the morning. (She can cook a mean egg) 3. Takes care of me when I'm sick. 4. Likes anime. 5. Enjoys scary/horror movies. 6. Likes to party and have fun. 7. She likes to dance. 8. Doesn't make fun of my dancing. (Most of the time) 9. Texts me throughout the day. 10. Isn't annoyed when I text her throughout the day. 11. She's beautiful in every way. 12. Has a sense of humor like mine. Sarcastic and at times weird. 13. Wants to spend her life with me. 14. Isn't embarrassed to show affection in public. 15. Likes small animals. 16. Doesn't like things to be dirty. 17. Doesn't shy away from working. 18. Takes the most amazing pictures. 19. Enjoys reading sci-fi and fantasy books. 20. Wouldn't mind learning how to play dungeons and dragons. 21. Likes me for who I am. 22. Doesn't want me to change my personality. 23. Loves swimming. 24. She likes the summer and autumn seasons. 25. Treats me like a prince. 26. Isn't high maintenance. (Not all about material goods) All we need is each other. 27. Has a hot body. 28. Her eyes are amazing. 29. Doesn't get mad at me playing video games. 30. Joins in on the video game playing. 31. Plays world of warcraft, as horde. 32. Remembers the things I tell her about myself. 33. Loves hearing about the things in my life. Even the small things. 34. She loves to cuddle with me. 35. Misses me, even when I'm gone for not even a day. 36. Doesn't fight all the time or ever really. 37. Is open to just about anathing. 38. Likes sex. 39. Love my tongue all over her. 40. Isn't afraid to tell me what she wants. 41. She's a wizard. 42. Likes to roleplay. 43. No matter where I moved, she would move with me and vice versa. 44. Has a warm body. 45. Likes my hair. 46. Likes the way I dress. 47. Doesn't say that I'm skinny. 48. Is a Slytherin. 49. Didn't say anything when she noticed the stuffed animal on my bed. 50. My friends like her. 51. Family likes her. 52. Doesn't like annoying people. 53. Can throw out insults a lot better than I can. 54. Can speak l33t. 55. Would love to live in the medieval times. Provided there is magic of course. 56. Loves the movie The Craft. 57. Her music likes are the best. 58. Bring so much joy to my life. 59. Believes in me. 60. Gives the most amazing head. 61. Takes showers with me. 62. Loves to bite me. 63. Blows cool smoke rings, when she makes the rings. 64. Doesn't get mad at me when I'm in shy moods. 65. Her smile. 66. Likes futurama and family guy. 67. Likes lolcats. 68. Loves Final Fantasy, just as I do. 69. Can't wait to live with me. 70. Has a rocking ass. 71. Her her voice. 72. Doesn't laugh at me when I sing. 73. Is great to me. 74. She loves oranges and orange juice. 75. Loves to kiss me. 76. Likes holding hands, even if my hands get a bit sweaty. 77. Her touch. 78. When I see her, I get butterfly's in my whole chest. 79. Her vagina is pretty. 80. When I hug her, I get a feeling of extreme happiness. 81. Can hold her own in Halo. 82. Wants to go to Japan with me. 83. Thinks like me. 84. Sometimes we say the same thing or think the same things. 85. Is good at cooking.(Especially the mac and cheese!) 86. Treats her kitten as our child. Which it is. 87. Wants to spend the rest of her life with me. 88. Love her with all my soul. 89. Doesn't ignore me at parties or gatherings. 90. Her friends like me. As far as I know. 91. When I look at her, I know she is my one true love. 92. Doesn't have an annoying laugh. 93. Likes to sleep. 94. Likes my body. 95. Isn't put off that I tend think out loud. 96. She rests her head on my chest while she sleeps. 97. Would stay with me through anything. 98. She's ticklish. 99. Can keep up with me in drinking. (Shot for shot) 100. Never bothered by having me around. 101. Consumes all my thoughts. <3
    • dorat
      OUTSTANDING!!! My gf and I have three kids and no kitten, but otherwise this is almost exactly what I would have written about my own gf.
  • No that seems to me silly and pointless. Why should I have to prove to someone else or to myself that I love someone?

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