• real dogs of ours over the years: flip (spaniel) patches (german shepherd mix) rocky (saint bernard mix) kistka (samoyed) niggah (black dog, i didn't name) ivan (manchester terrier) pirate (white boxer, black patch over one eye) nicky (spaniel mix) kirby (pitbull) jinx (got him on friday the 13th) gunner (german shorthair pointer) sheba (collie mix) ebony rose (black pitbull) duke (boston terrier) duchess (boston terrier) mocha (boston terrier) griffin (jack russel mix) shelby (pitbull) brandywine (red dog, always crying) terry (norwegian elkhound, mix)
  • 6-11-2017 All my pets are named for the sounds of food: Ting Ting, Whir, Clunk, and so on. Except the "Ting Ting" always came out "Tinker", so I gave up and called him Tinker.
  • Real dogs: Sebastian Chinook Max Phineas Fezzik
  • When I was a kid we had a dog named Lucinda Tonyika (on her papers) we called her Cindy. My Princess (Princess Cora Bell on her papers named after my mother) Maurice, he was given to me by my mother with that name. Duke and Duchess, not my choice. Dan, Ruby, Frisky, named by others as well. All real.

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