• Yes i would. I would want to see what happens to the bastard who killed my family member.
  • The execution of the murderer you mean lol? I wouldn't want to watch a family murder get executed, but I would love to watch the murderer get executed yeah.
  • That's a disturbing thought, and a waste of taxpayer dollars.
  • no way would watching another murder make me feel any better about my loss, so no way. If I watched any murder , be it state sanctioned or otherwise, it would be for my own morbid pleasure
  • I would not wan someone in my family murdered execution style or in any style.I would not want the murderer to be executed either for I do not believe in the death penalty even if it was a member of my family.I love my family dearly though am not into revenge.
  • My sister killed my mother and got away with it ... I would have loved love to have been in the front row , center as they put THE needle in her arm ; BUT it will never happen ... You can't really say until it HAPPENS to Y O U !

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