• I believe what he did was highly unethical and I think the should be charged with child endangerment, at the very least, and forced to support all 14 of the children he implanted.
  • Absolutely. The lady already had 6 six kids or three sets of twins from previous in vitro events.
  • Depends on if they knew about her previous kids. And since that's very likely, I'd say they acted irresponsibly. Which doesn't mean unethically though.
  • Yes I do. She is unemployed and already had 6 children to begin with.
  • Definitely. I'm glad he is being investigated. She's unemployed and disabled, already had 6 kids AND suffers from depression. Seriously, if someone is too disabled to work, how can they be prepared to deal with 14 children????
  • Yes! This Dr. is in violation of the hippocratic oath, bigtime! By the way, if she is unemployed, and disabled, where did she get the money for the in vitro? Did this Dr. pay for it?
  • Completely. However it might have highlighted the issue of irresponsible fertility treatment in the US. If people do not have the means to provide it will cost society, not too mention possible additional costs the children may have once they grow up under poor parenting. Greed is a word which seems to sum everything to do with this.
  • How many of the embryos should've been aborted?
  • ABsolutely. He should pay the hospital bills and child support.

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