• There is a movement but it doesn't get much mainstream coverage. Try looking here for more info:
  • I imagine most men wouldn't answer this, but yes, I think there should be one. Actually what I think is that there should be a much stronger one than the one we currently have. I like this quote written by a woman: "The least flattering result of feminism was the demolition of the idea that women are inherently nice. Now we know we are just as bad as we said the men were!" The point of a masculinist movement wouldn't be to undo the positive gains that feminism has made, but rather to keep in check or undo some of the damage a certain number of women, not all, who have in some ways become worse than men ever were.
  • I think fair is fair. Women and Men have different why not?
  • Yes of course- men are being picked on all over this great country.
  • The rights and needs of men are addressed by feminism. Patriarchy hurts men too.
  • I'm all for it. Men supported the feminist movement, its our turn now. Men are being discriminated in child custody, divorce settlements, day care jobs etc.
  • Yes, just soccergirl said. Men are being discriminated over stuff that matters also. It would be nice to just be treated with equality when it concerns the law and judicial system.
  • That seems a good idea. In some situations men get a very poor deal.
  • Since men and women are equal, men's concerns should be addressed as well.
  • mens needs are addressed everyday by the women who love them! They already have a free ticket to use women and throw them out like garbage. they already got out of protecting and providing for the family. their only responsibilty is to have sex (and then they dont even care if she enjoys it as well) what more do you want?
  • mistake. pls ignore
  • It's gotten so bad I don't even support the idea of the Country much anymore, when I leave with my ball you'll miss it.
  • Yes, it is sorely needed. I don't see why my boys shouldn't have the same legal protections, consideration, and choices my girls have.
  • By "masculinist movement" do you mean making the women lie on that uncomfortable couch and making them do the hard work of changing the channels. Oh, yeah, I'm all for it! :-) Sorry, I gotta go clean the bathrooms, now. Be back soon! :-)
  • There definitely needs to be. Feminism is on a constant quest to demonize men and erode their rights.
  • Yes, because men haven't already ruled history and nearly every society since the beginning of humankind. This reminds me of white people that complain about Black History month or any day that allows a minority to have the spotlight momentarily, and they argue "Why don't we have White History Month?" Genius, that's because every day in this country is white history month. It's called minority privilege. People who have been oppressed by society and treated as second class citizens through history (women, blacks, indians, etc) are allowed to stand out and have their moment recognized. We've been living in the masculinist movement since the beginning of time. To this day in America, supposedly the free country, women get paid less than men, get passed over for jobs by men even when they have higher educational attainments than the male they are applying against, and elsewhere in the world they are still subject to genital mutilation, not allowed to work, are stoned to death for having affairs, have arranged marriages... Men were legally allowed to beat women (as long as whatever they were hitting them with was no thicker than a thumb - hence the expression 'rule of thumb')... forgive me if as a woman I'm not falling over myself for the masculinist movement to occur. Give me a break. I respect and love men, but until I see women actually rightfully placed in history books where they belong and getting credit for what they actually did since the dawn of mankind, I honestly could care less about such a movement. Not to mention, this isn't 1950. Men don't have to support their families anymore by themselves and women are taking on more and more work on top of mothering children, and I fail to see how the "rights and needs" of men have been denied even remotely on a similar scale to what women have gone through.
  • hell yeah and id be happy to be involved in it.

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