• Black is quite slimming. Also, tailored clothing can help to give you a bit of shape. Downward stripes are good, but don't wear big patterns.
  • some tops have a curve around the back of the shirt (instead of a straigh cut top) which gives it the appearence of having a flatter tummy and bigger behind! =]
  • To be honest, I have no idea! But I know where you can learn what you in particular should wear to look your best and what garments can ruin your look. Some time ago I came across a great website offering fashion advice. It's . At first I just read their articles and signed up for their newsletter. It's so helpful! They even answered my question in it! And what's more, it is absolutely free! Lately, I decided to check out their services and bought my Personal Fashion Guide . It's not just a common self-help book. It is a guide customized especially for me! It's really great! I highly recommend it to everyone! Check the website yourself and let me know what you think! Greetings. Agrafka
  • I would go for more straight legged pants, which will help to even out top and bottom and top. a good structured blazer/jacketthat comes to about hip level over a simple cami looks great too.
  • You could wear Muslim type clothing,without the veil.
  • The best to wear is something that is not tight up top, plus a tad long and tapered in the middle. If you were to say, want to wear a blouse, get one that is not too small so that it pulls away at the buttons. Then as I said, make sure it is long and tapered at the waste. That covers a multitude of sins. The best show to watch on this is "what not to wear" that is what they discuss all the time.
  • Speedos.
  • uh, no BLACK IS NOT are standing out from your surroundings when you wear black.......unless you are in a darkened room, then, it's slimming!!! if you are top heavy, stay away from dark colors, and of course any pastels; the trick for you is to select colors that are in the medium range. You'll want to wear tops that are covering your midsection also.....but please, NO BELTS......only draws attention to your middle!!! if you tell me your weight and height and skin tone, I can better advise you......I used to teach wardrobing and will be glad to help you!!! skin tone is important because if you wear colors opposite to your coloring, you'll always look crummy!!! so DO give me this info and we can go from there.. hope to hear from you soon!!!! OH one more thing......always wear something that draws the eye of the other person in, a scarf, necklace, earrings, etc. but of course not all at once!! LOL...... DO get back to ASAP and we can begin. Look forward to hearing from you!!!!

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