• All mental health professionals could become 'trick cyclists' as by constant contact with mental patients the professionals too could develop some imbalance in their own mental balance. Unless they are careful the trick cycling could lead to the professionals themselves needing the assistance of another professional to regain their balance. The following excerpts from will make the picture clearer: . 'Common views are that: psychiatrists 'have x-ray vision', can 'see into people's minds', read 'others people's thoughts', spend most of their time 'analysing' hypochondriacs who lie on couches, tend to be bearded (most psychiatrists in the UK are now women!) and are suspected of being somewhat eccentric if not mentally unbalanced themselves ('trick cyclists'). The limited work that has examined these curious views suggest that they largely stem from portrayals in the cinema. There may be also more sinister consequences of stigma for mental health staff and students, for example that they receive worse treatment if they themselves become mentally ill than members of the general public.'

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