• "I feel I've known you forever. You are so easy to talk to I feel I can tell anything". That would be a compliment I'd treasure. The SOP know the type.."you're so pretty"..."you're so interesting"..."you're so smart"..yadayadayadayada..a dime a dozen and not always sincere. :)
  • Well im just 16, and i dont really feel very confident about my appearance. I try my best, im not one to clag on the makeup, i just go for the tinted moisturises maybe some powder eyeliner and a flick of mascara. Its my body that i dont like. Im not fat, im just right, but i dont like it. A guy i liked said i had a really nice bum. I liked it because i really liked him, if it had been some random guy off the street i wouldnt have apreciated it at all!
  • My hubby told me once "Ever since I met you, I have had tunnel vision. I just see you and that's all that matters" lol it was so cute especially when he got alittle red after.
  • i like when a guy gives me a compliment on my art work. its my talent and i really appreciate it when a guy notices that i have talent and who doesn't only notice how i look.
  • I've had two from my guy that really hit me: "I feel SO comfortable with you; more than anyone else I've ever been around." "You make me feel like such a man."
  • My guy just looks at me sometimes and says You are so beautiful how did i catch you?. It makes me feel beautiful. Oh especially when he says it and i know that i look horrible like when i am sick or when i just woke up, he says it and it just makes my day
  • I suppose genuine ones make me smile, if I know you are forcing one out, then I just thank you and go on my merry way, but if I somehow knew that you meant it, then I glow with happiness for the rest of the day. :)
  • My husband said this to me the other day: "I love you because you always seek the truth." That was the best compliment EVER!!! That knocked my socks right off!!!!
  • When me n my b/f first got together he sent me a text saying "You're the only woman I've been with where we can lie in bed n talk complete n utter bo**ocks for 12 hrs with a touch of sex inbetween" - its crude but it meant that we'd not only matched on a sexual level but that we can literally keep ourselves amused for hours. He's also said whilst holding my face in his hands "you are my world and I don't want to know what it would be like without you in it"
  • You are simply amazing. Beautiful. Just beautiful, inside and out.

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