• sez 'Mum' is a Britisism first recorded in 1823 "Mom" is an Americanism first recorded in 1894. Both come from Mamma the English form of a word that is nearly universal in Indo-European languages; Gk. mamme, L. mamma, Pers. mama, Rus., Lith. mama Ger. Muhme Fr. mamen, Welsh mam. All mean basically the samething-'mother,' the word may come from a natural sound in baby-talk, perhaps imitative of sound made while sucking.It is probably one of the 'original' words. There are similar words in non-Indo European languages. In English mum is from 1823, mummy 1839, momma 1884, mom 1894, and mommy 1902. the other kind of mummy is from from Persian mumiya "asphalt," from mum "wax." If you were to call your Mummy an old mummy, she'd pro'lly kick your asphalt.

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