• Oh please, how much time do you have? Going topless on a beach and then slowly realizing it wasn't actually a topless beach. All kinds of bikini top/diving board incidents. Walking around, thinking I'm the shit, with a boob hanging out. Needless to say, bathing suits are in stores now and I'm shopping carefully!
  • I'm not a lady, but I'll tell you my wife's. On holiday in Brittany she was diving through waves when she mistimed diving through a big one, which tumbled her over and over before dumping her on the beach. In the process her swimsuit had got filled with sand, so when she stood up the crotch was at her knees and the neckline was at the level of her navel. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me. :-)
  • When I was 16 years old I was wearing a strapless bathing suit. I was standing in front of my male neighbors who were 12 & 9 years old and somehow my top fell down below my chest. I turned around and pulled the top up but it was too late. It was embarrassing but we all got over it.

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