• The measure of what makes someone a good leader isn't really what they LED... just how many people followed. And Hitler had brainwashing pretty down pat. So yes, Hitler was a freak and a little bit of a dick... but a good leader.
  • you could say that. that still doesn't rule of the horrific acts he did as dictator of Germany nor the Millions of Millions of lives he took with his "Final Solution" etc. He was smart but a horrible man never-the-less.
  • "Good"? Let's see ... He instigated the extermination of 6 million Jews and other people he deemed undesirable. So, the answer is an emphatic no.
  • Yes and no. The goal of a leader is to rally it's people for a cause raise them from devastation and restore them for glory. So yes he was in that sense. HOWEVER he was not a good good leader but an evil good leader if you get what I mean. He had the ability to lead but he use it for evil and if you are looking to follow in his footsteps I suggest different direction
  • Good leader. Biggest asshole in the entire galaxy.
  • He was one of the best leaders of all time, however he used his power for evil. Talented leader, but very disturbed.
  • If you set aside his ideology and the dreadful things he did he could have been a Good leader. He was supposed to be a brilliant orator and he came to power at a time when Germany was on its knees . His speeches seemed to transfix a nation. If his iseas had been for good he could have been a great leader he had that affect on the German masses.
  • Yes and no, he was one of the best speakers in history. He was however also higly unstable which led to many bad decisions which ultimately led to his downfall (arguably the worst being confronting Russia).
  • He must have been in order to get so many people to follow him! That is what was so scarey about him. Excellent question.
  • he was a great leader it doesnt mean what he did was right though.
  • Yes. If Hitler died peacfully in 1938 he would be regarded somwhat as a hero, for rescuing Germany from the depression.
  • Sure, if you were planning to go to hell anyway. He'll lead you straight there.
  • That depends on how you define good. From the Nazi perspective, absolutely he was. He mobilized a whole county into a war with the objective of taking over Europe, northern Africa and western Asia.

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