• This may be difficult for you but i think you will have to be hard on him. Don't just chuck him out the house, warn him first that if he doesn't get a job then he has to leave, or just make him leave for a couple of days- this might be a wake-up call. If he has no-where to go then maybe just find jobs that he could apply for.If he doesn't want a job, then phone up for him! all the best. :D
  • god, he sounds egzactly like my ex boyfriend.. but then they ended up kicking him out, and he lives in his own.. but he still wont get a job, and his mother STILL pays for his rent... you should tell him to just quite smoking pot (if he does) and make him see, and deal with the real world on his own!..... ( Is he a Pisces? )
  • sounds like kicking him out is a good idea DONE, Do it.
  • Thanks for your prompt reply (wow that was fast). I know i need to kick him out. His hard tho. I hate the thought of him out there with no where to sleep etc. I have rang up jobs for him but then he wont go sit the interview or says "Im not working at that crap hole"! He has stolen his sisters alcohol, his baby brothers pocket money and phone, my money, but he denies it all!! He yells at me saying "I didnt take it, STOP BLAMING ME", and then i feel guilty and doubt myself, but then i find the stolen stuff on him!! Its breaking my heart. I get mad at him and tell him to leave and not come back till he has a job. I lock him out the house when i go to work but he breaks in (old house/windows). I have sat with him and talked and talked till Im blue in the face, nothing works. He tells us all to get F...... , leaves the house, and comes back later as if nothings happened. He is a lazy brat and its doing my head in!
  • Then what are YOU waiting for ? The longer that you let him go and keep on being a lazy bum and a thef ..the WORSE it will get ... yes; it is difficult because you still love him ..BUT allowing him to continue like this is enabling him to be a nothiing .... Tough Love HAS to prevail ... stand by your husband and kick the guy out of the nest ...Then; STAND BY YOUR DECESION !!
  • Set an exact date for his departure, rather than the wishy-washy “couple of weeks.” Mark the date boldly on a calendar hung on the refrigerator. Ask him daily how his moving hunt is going as the date is drawing nearer. Change the locks or take away his house key if all else fails. This may seem cruel but it will also get your point across. Yes, you can still let him in off the front porch, but do not give your child his own set of keys, making him humiliatingly dependent on you to even get in the house. That should be a big enough pain to make anyone want to move. Remove everything from his room except the bed. Do not allow him into the rest of the house except to eat. Do not prepare food for him, make him make his own meals. Do not let him use the TV, computer, or any other item outside of his room. My mother used to make us leave the house every morning at 9 am and not let us back in the door until 4 pm.
  • Grow some balls and kick him out. It's about time he learns to grow up.
  • Kick him out, he'll get sick of being homeless eventually and get himself a job
  • i think your husband is right, you should kick him out

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