• laser hair removal does work but i heard from someone that you need to apply this stuff to your skin like a lotion or something and if you do what youre suppose to after the procedure, then yes it will be permanent, if you dont there will be chances that it may grow back
    • ruby_tandon
      There have been many hair removal techniques over the years but laser hair removal is reputed to be the best option if you?re looking for long-term effects. The procedure is extremely common in the United States, which has gradually reached the affluent areas of Mumbai and its surrounding areas. Permanent hair removal in Mumbai has become a popular concept due to various factors such as an improper diet, a hectic lifestyle, increased stress, unbalanced hormones and genetic disorders. Therefore, Afterglow Advanced Laser Clinic invites for a complete laser treatment for skin for both men and women as per their individual need. Visit at :
  • I've had laser hair removal and my mom had it too. Worked for us. We didn't have to put any type of lotion on after.
  • Yes, it is permanent but you may need more than one treatment.
  • I've had it on the corners of my mouth and between my eyebrows. It works better on your face then any other body part. Don't do laser hair removal on your legs because it doesn't work. The doctor told us that you would waste too much money for it to work. Also, the same is true for under your arms. Laser hair removal is more effective on the face. Good luck on your laser hair removal, hope it works.
  • yes, but it works best for people with darker hair so thzt the laser can detect it
  • my friend get laser hair removal on her face, back stomach, and legs...she says it growns long one done then all the hair falls off.she told me she wishes she hadnt got it on her face because it actually make her hair grow back faster than normal. but she says it works better on her stomach and back.
  • worked well for my step mom. im a dude so i wouldnt no but talk to some friends and doctors
  • My wife had laser hair removal on parts :-) Unfortunately, it didn't work well for her, as she is a natural redhead. After she had spent over $1,300 for five different sessions, I researched laser hair removal on the web. This was because she kept getting hair growing back when it shouldn't have. What I found out, is that laser hair removal is not very effective for naturally red or light blonde hair. I wish the doctor's office had informed us of that fact prior to our spending $1,300+. It has now been about a year, and the hair is back (albeit thinner than it was before).
  • I had laser hair removal (6 months worth) on my legs, bikini area (brazillian) and face (chin and under chin to my neck). It hurt awful. All the hair grows back on my face. (It's all very dark thick hair) and I have about 30% growing back on my legs, so I still have to shave. Probably about 50% in the bikini area has grown back. The place I had it done went out of business within a year. I don't know how well the people were trained, though.
  • Laser hair removal is permanent. You'll need about 6-8 treatments. It works best on darker thicker hair. It works w/the pigment of the hair so it won't burn your skin or anything; it'll irritate it a bit.
  • It really depends on the institution, but sometimes you get deals if you buy packages or get multiple areas.
  • thanks
  • laser is a complete load of **** in my opinion. I had about 6-8 session done on my upper lip and it didn;t work. My skin is on the lighter side with dark but thin hair so i was apparently the perfect candidate. umm no, you may see a tiny tiny bit of difference where the hair is a little thinner but does not really reduce anything. And if you stop going it eventually comes back to how it was originally. I am sticking to waxing, so much cheaper and effective. I was planning on having laser on my legs, but if it doesnt even work on an area with very little hair, then it wont work on the legs. Do not bother with laser seriously.
  • Yes. I HATE razor stubble--ewwww! My body is a No Stubble Zone! I highly recommend Laser. Be is a bit uncomfortable, but so what! It's worth any amount of discomfort to always have pretty, soft and smooth skin.
  • I get it done on my face, chest, neck, and "down there" It works great if you are responsible and get it done exactly every 4-5 weeks, my girl does it for a living, and I get it done for free, but I havent shaved in about a year, it is the best thing I have done..... I hated shaving. If you get it one from someone who knows what they are doing, then you are all set. My girl works for a Dr., not some little chop shop.... make sure the person doing it is very informative and during the consult knows all the answers and explains everything to you and is accomidating. If you happen to be near NY, I can give you her information, she is VERY good. (not biased)
  • I am getting it done (3 treatments so far) under the arms and so far it has worked great! I have not had to shave since I started back in August. I love it so much that I bought the package for bikini and legs. The company that is doing my laser is supervised by a doctor and they use YAG lasers. They also told me that the face is the MOST DIFFICULT part to treat because the hair on the face is greatly affected by hormonal fluctuations. They also said that over time, (i.e. in a few years) some folicules might become active again. At least the hair would be a lot lighter. Now about the pain, the underarms is the worst pain I've felt in my whole life, but its only 10 minutes every 6 weeks, eight times, so I am more that willing to bear it. Hopefully the rest of the body is not so bad!
  • I have dark hair and light skin, so I should be the perfect candidate. I went with a well known company, with multiple locals around the US. My package was for 6 treatments on my legs, underarms, and bikini and it came with a 2 year guarantee - free treatments for 2 years after the 6th treatment if I see hair growth in the treated areas. I went to the treatments every 11 weeks, as the clinic recommended. I saw results after a few treatments - small spots that had less hair growth than usual, or look bare. But by the 6th treatment, instead of seeing the 80% results the clinic said most people see, I saw maybe 20%. So I went back for more treatments every 6 weeks (they suggested I come more often because I wasn't seeing good results). I started receiving "double passes" where they go over the entire treatment area twice at each treatment session. Last month was the end of my 2 year guarantee period. I had over 20 treatments total. I still have to shave every day. My underarms and bikini have spots with no hair growth, but the hair that does grow is still thick, and I suspect the areas of little or no grow will grow back within the next few month. My legs show very little progress as well - less hair, but the hair that does grow is still thick and grows quickly so I have to shave regularly. I don't know if I'm particularly resistant, if the lasers they use at that clinic doesn't work on me, or what. But I would not do it again. The pain, time, and most of all expense has been wasted. I still have to shave regularly,so the little results I've seen are meaningless. I don't know if other people have had success over the long term, but I would not suggest this to anyone. At least not until the technology is improved and more people have seen better, more permanant results.
  • i am very skeptical now that I have had 4 treatments on my upper lip and areolas and SWEAR that I there is more hair, grows longer faster, as well as more NEW hair growth than before. It doesn't hurt (a tiny prick on the upper lip but that's because i have dental impants so the metal makes it sting a bit), but it was so expensive and I feel ripped off! At two treatments they said it would take 3 to start seeing results, then on my fourth they said seems like a load of crap to me now and I wish I hadn't done it. I have had laser tattoo removal on my arms and legs and it totally works, but come to think of it, my hair in those areas while blonde (im brunette) is not gone by any means, and I have had several tatt removal treatments. Tattoo removal is excrutiatingly painful so I say only do that if you are willing to commit to weeks of healing bubbly burned skin after each time, and several treatments where you feel like you are dying the pain is so intense.
  • I used to get brazilian waxed but I have now organised to have my area completely lasered too. I have been told it is not painful at all and very quick. Even though lasering is more expensive upfront, in the long run you will save a lot of money. I don't like hair down hence why I am having my male bits done lol. Bare is best!I have also been told that GentleLASE is currently the highest grade & best laser out there and it provides you with better results. Supposedly it is a Level 4. They will be using GentleLASE on me.
  • According to me Electrolysis hair removal is permanent and more preferred solution to get rid from unwanted hair from any part of body. It is more suitable than laser hair removal.
  • Yes, Cutera CoolGlide Laser Hair Removal is a great treatment to remove unwanted hair permanently. It is one of the best laser hair removal system on the market for all skin types and tones, from light to darker skin, including tanned patients.

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