• Hundreds of thousands of blind followers who don't know what they're supporting. Also, many heads of government donate money as if God will be happier with them because they gave some randomly selected person useless material posessions.
  • Years of hording all the money they say they give to charity.
  • centuries of looting and controlling europe and it's peoples, pillaging nearby countries, conquest, aquisition of many priceless historic treasures, books and items. OF course they also have amassed a large influx of cash from contributions and business deals as well. Power IS money and there was a time that Vatican City was the center of the world, the highest power.
  • idiots and mafia's
  • If you collect a little more than you spend for centuries at a time, it tends to add up. The real (monetary) wealth of the Vatican isn't liquid wealth anyway. The actual cash value of the Vatican is minuscule compared to the value of the artwork in the museums and the books in the Vatican library. Of course that could be said to be true of many other countries as well. Could you imagine the impact on the French budget if all the artwork in the Louvre (even not including the stolen pieces) was sold and put into the public budget?
  • from creating fear in the world's poorest people...that by giving money they can somehow be saved...
  • Do you really want to know? Ok: Casinos in Monaco, Hotels, Restaurants, Interest rates from many banks and tourists centers in all places in Europe, Latin America and Asia.
  • mostly from donations
  • I believe each country's local curia sends part of its earnings to Rome. The RCC owns a LOT of property worldwide - more than most people imagine - which is rented out. They also have many private (and expensive) schools. They receive many donations, including inheritances. Those are some of them.
  • Other than donations from Catholics around the world see my answer here where I answered a similar question:
  • Mostly from investments, stocks, real estate, that sort of thing.
  • From the tithes they used to charge peasants for entry into Heaven.
  • The Catholic Church has been invading and pillaging other countries of everything in sight for thousands of years. These days, their income seems to be limited to the donations they derive from the suckers...errr...parishioners and real estate but I seriously doubt that's their only source of income. My gut feeling tells me that they're deep in bed with the Italian Maffia
  • Big business...they own them...and the poor.
  • All the catholic chruches int he world is registered under this. Also they have blind followers who were forced to give money in the name of membership, charity etc etc. In Asian countries they do lots of real estate transactions.
  • It comes from donations from the people of God. Like so many religions they give back to people in need... It is a wealth that is important to so many...if it wasn't for their wealth my child would not have had the Catholic Education she now has. They helped put my daughter through 12 years of a good education along with morals!!!
  • The fall of Roman Empire and Tourest visiting it.
  • 'Kathy Lee Crosby'-grade children's sweatshops in the catacombs, likely. ;-)
  • In 1981, Pope John Paul II ordered annual financial disclosures to debunk the idea that the Vatican is rich. Here is an article on the 2008 annual financial report from the Vatican:,4670,VaticanFinances,00.html And 2007: With love in Christ.
  • a cornering of the Beenie Baby Market in the 90's.
  • Historically, the Vatican has amassed wealth with military strength. The Vatican had ships and armies and pillaged many cities. More recently, it operates many private and expensive schools throughout the world. It also owns a lot of real estate which it rents out or occasionally sells.
  • pockets of the believers
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