• The Antichrist by slayer??
  • i know it's a long shot 'cause i'm trying to find a song that i dont know the title/singer. heck, i only remember a line in the lyrics "i am the anti-christ" and that it was sung by a male singer (unsure if it's a band/solo singer). the song was really popular on the radio in the late 90s, i think the singer is american 'cause he pronounced 'anti' as 'an-tye' instead of 'an-tee'. i've googled before and these are NOT the song im looking for: slayer - the antichrist sex pistols - anarchy in the uk marilyn manson - antichrist superstar deathstars - synthetic generation hades almighty - the antichrist inside atramentous - this night i found out that i am the antichrist also, i think the second verse has the word 'semi' in it and again, the singer pronounced it as 'seh-my' instead of 'seh-mee'...sorry that i cant remember anything more about the's quite a catchy song and i think it's a little chanting-like at some parts of the song..i hope someone out there knows which needle i am searching for in the haystack...thanks!

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