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  • absolutely not
  • Sure, just to make sure you have a solid foundation and to review what you've learned so you don't forget
  • No it isn't. Leave things in the past, in the past. If you went over them, settled them, forgave each other, then true forgiveness is forgetting them and not bringing them up.
  • I would consider fair, seeing the past is what makes up the present. But be careful doing that because then the past fights are always salient and could cause more problems.
  • No it is not. You should always stick to what you are fighting about at that moment, unless you are still really pissed off about the past and you haven't completly settled it then it needs to be settled and then left alone and not thrown back up everytime you and your partner gets into a fight about something else.
  • Certainly. Bring upl the past. Live in the past. Ignore the presewnt. Start with the Revolutionary War and don't miss a single battle. Makes wonderful sense. Of course it may be tiresome for your partner. If you want a successful relationship, learn to accept the other. If you have to go into a past fight, ask why. If what happened in the past [fight] is important right now, then the focus is on the wrong thing.
  • Would you ever bring up something from the past?

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