• They should get along pretty well, but the male may still attempt to mate with the female. If any problem should occur, put the male in a separate cage.
  • Yes, they do get along together after a couple of weeks. When I got my male rabbit fixed, my female rabbit would chase him and get upset when he could not perform for the first couple of weeks, but they settled down.
  • Yes, tney will. I had a un fixed female and a fixed male rabbit and they got along fine!
  • Yes, but both rabbits would get along best if they were both fixed. Even does can get 'grumpy' and bite other rabbits and people because she is still territorial. Spaying will help that. But when they are spayed they get calmer and turn out to be the best pets.
  • Now she can get some rest.
  • You need to get the female spayed if she's not breeding. 80% of uneutered female rabbits get cancer.

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