• The only thing i could suggest is download some free software for it. There is plenty of free stuff for that
  • iTunes will do this very easily for you. There are also hundreds of other programs available, but I think iTunes works very well.
  • Google the following: convert wma mp3 the results give you lots of free or cheap programs that will convert the wma files. I know itunes will convert files to mp3, don't know if MSFT Media Player does the same
  • this is what i use.. i change mp3's to .wav for yahoo messenger sounds.... very easy to use
  • You could use iTunes,, configure it to convert your wma files t mp3 when adding. you can find the file in your itunes library, probably located in my music in your my documents folder. Check that you have configured iTunes to convert wma to mp3 and not aac or mp4..
  • I would like to recommend you use DRM WMA MP3 Converter. Which can help you convert protected wma to MP3 or other music files Here you can get it:
  • nice easy program

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