• I think that we all look at ' people 'in general and yes that's normal , I bet he looks at you more than you know . --- + up
  • He should be looking at you more than any other person.. but if he were just looking at other women randomly but still showing you respect.. I wouldn't worry about.. but since that's not the case maybe you should ask him about that. . Most men look at other women, whether they'd admit to it or not.. but most of them still love to look at their wives more.
  • MY husband used to compliment completely strange woman on certain attributes (like their hair, clothes, etc) and he wouldn't even glance my way, even when I was trying. It was sooo aggrivating, and I would tell him and he'd say "but hunny, me telling you I love you is the greatest compliment" which I suppose it is, but it would be nice for him to notice me. So I know what you are feeling.
  • He shouldn't make it obvious.
  • If you're noticing, that's a lack of consideration. All guys look, but the ones who don't want to make their women feel bad never let them see em do it ;)
  • If i were married and my wife dictated that i can no longer look at pretty women. Well---let's just say that it breeds contempt. Did he ever tell you that you can't look at any of the good looking guys anymore? I'm sure that you wouldn't like that very much.
  • No, it is not right at all. When he married you he made a promise to be with you until the end of his days. Talk to him about it. Let him know how you feel. Let him know what the Word of God says. God bless, Angelzz. Matthew 5:28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. James 1:15 Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.
  • No, you deserve more respect.
  • Sure, but if you have a problem with it tell him.
  • It's normal.Be happy,he's still a man.
  • sad but true, i think all men are going to "look." you should let him know it hurts your feelings. if he loves you then he should respect you too. i'm sure he wouldn't like it if you looked at other men!
  • Yes, it's perfectly normal. It means he appreciates women...including you. It would be abnormal if he never looked at women. One day he might lose all interest in women...and guess what're a woman... Would you like him to lose interest in you? Or would you rather he to look at men!>-)
  • something tells me he looks at you more than you know. though yes, the more attractive you make yourself the more he will look at you. you are not going to ever get him to stop looking at other women unless he is a religious zealout to the point of considering that adultery, and by trying to make him stop you wil drive a wedge between the 2 of you. you need to realize that another woman being pretty is not an insult to you. are there no men whos apearance you appreciate? vin diesel, dwayne johnson, antonio banderas, sean connery? is enjoying their "beauty" an attack or insult to him? men do it more often because we are programmed differently than women, that does not make the action any different. WOW... I just got a -5... please explain why.
  • Yes it is. In all probability, that's what he'll restrict himself to. LOOKIING. Don't fret about it; or he'll take it like you're nagging. And, by the way, you've got eyes too. Need I say more?
  • Men and women are not dead because they look at other women it's natural. The thing changes when looking becomes pursuing and the cheating. Still anymore I believe extra marital affairs are more common than ever. Men don't tend to look at sex and love at exclusive things as do most women. Still it does do our ego sometimes tremndous blows when we feel as if they are constantly on the look out for something better. It may be a case only of him taking for granted to you know He LOVES to look at you and he's married to you so you automaticly know that's where his wants and heart are. Try talking to him about it. They don't always know when they are doing something to upset us if we don't tell them what's in our hearts. If you love him give him the chance to fix what it is he may not be realizing he's doing to make you wonder.
  • Have you let yourself go?
  • While it's normal for people to get used to their spouses and not experience as much sexual chemistry, he should still look at you, too. Have you tried wearing a really sexy outfit or getting an unusual haircut recently? Try that. If it doesn't work, ask him what his fantasy is and try to fulfill it (within reason). After you've done your part, if there's still no change in his behavior, seek marriage counseling.
  • Intriuging question. When I was dating, not only did I not look at other women, but I did not conceive of that notion; all that was before me, was beauty enough. Right after my first "wake up call" to the fact that "nobody is perfect"; my eyes saw more than I had been able before. Looking is not the same as eye-undressing, enjoying a sunset is not the same as staring at the sun ;)
  • Depends on him. What is normal for him?
  • You're husband has already seen you naked, now he just wants to picture the rest of the female population naked.
  • Can look but can't touch. He is going home with me! Not her! So if you are comfortable with yourself and with the relationship...... I know my eyes have wondered a time or two while in a relationship. It is a human response. We like to "oggle" at nice things! That includes a nice ass! +5
  • He just needs to work on his technique. He should be able to look without you ever realizing it. Have him email me, I'll work with him.
  • ill admit wen i was with my ex gf other girls did catch my eye but my thought was always yeah but shes not as nice as jen jen bein my ex
  • my wife thought i didn't look at her but i look at her more than she will ever know, don't worry about it unless he tell you to lose weight and if u are out of shape, get in shape so other men will look at you and he will notice it.
  • My husband does it and it erks me. So I do it too. He doesnt like it very much !

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