• You hate going to bed because that is the end of your day and you are turning yourself in to whatever you have to face in the morning (i.e. work). It is hard to get out of bed in the morning because it is so comfortable in bed. It is a place to relax and not think of anything if you wish not to. Nothing is expected and that is a welcomed thought in my opinion. I wish I were in bed right now!
  • I agree - beds are comfy. I hate going to bed because i know i will have to get up but if i never had to i would sleep all day. But really i will be able to do this because when im dead i'll sleep forever. But for now i like to sleep on them ausome tempur matresses - there so ausome.
  • Because you find things to do at night that you enjoy doing And in the morning you love that snugly warmth of your cosy bed
  • It really sounds like you may be in a depression,you could talk to your Doctor and explain everything to him (make him listen).
  • Because you are scared of the monster that lives under your bed. Never know when it might sneak out and try to snack a bit on you.
  • It may be because you don't fall asleep easily, you may be one of those people who lay on the bed thinking about stuff but cant fall asleep... I guess you dont feel like getting out of bed in the morning coz you dont get complete sleep, one should get out of bed feeling refreshed and energetic; NOT sluggish and irritated, so see to it that you sleep at the same time everyday and do some physical activity in the day so that sleep can be a reward and not a punishment.
  • Maybe you hate going to bed at night because you have to get off AB ?
  • Because transitions suck and are hard for many people. Children have a lot of trouble with them, especially toddlers but I'm nearly 40 and I still have trouble transitioning from work to home. From mom to wife. From asleep to awake. Do as they do with kids: be kind to yourself. Give yourself extra time in the mornings to goof off, drink coffee, read your email. Give yourself time in the evenings to wash your face, have a bath. Etc. It will make these things easier.
  • Our bodies have a natural clock, a waking and sleeping preference whose times rarely coincide with our responsibilities and schedule. I love staying up late and sleeping in, but since I've gotta get the kids off to school, I have to get out of bed early, which means I gotta give up my free time at night.
  • Your clock is messed up.
  • I have the same problem. I am a Night Owl. I come alive at night, I think it is really thrilling. I never want to go to bed, because there is adventure, and thrill at night. When I go to bed however, I want to keep sleeping until the night time. I don't really like the sun all that much. It just seems like everyone is out during the day, so I want my alone time at night. There is still people out at night, but not that many. It is not so busy at night, especially if you go shopping for groceries.
  • it doesn't really matter with the time of day most of the time. If you're awake, you don't want to sleep and if you're asleep, you don't want to wake up. it's natural to feel that way.
  • tired... lol
  • this is a problem that i have myself....this week i went to bed at 6 in the morning as the sun was coming up and slept 2 hours. the day before ..that ....5 am...i have been doing a little research and i found that it may be linked to cortisol levels..these levels can be raised by skipping meals...i guess that explains why the opposite effect when you get sleepy after you eat a lot.but do a little research yourself on cortisol and see what you come up with..and if you cant sleep you can just give me a awake.but another thing that lowers cortisol is excercise.lower cortisol better sleep...i guess.
  • Because you're one of us cool night people.
  • YOu are totally a night person , probably born in the morning or during the day.. those people tend to hate the day time..and want to sleep during the day and stay up at night. i know. i was born at 6:06 in the morning, and i hateeeeeeee that time of the morning. you wake me up before 12 or 1 in the afternoon and im feeling crappy no matter how much sleep i get. seriously. i went to bed last night at 10, and woke up at 1! i hate the morning.
  • i haz r0f1c0p73r and i7 k33p mi awak
  • same way boss tell me what you figure out ahha
  • Because you haven't established a bedtime routine.
  • you probably dont like to waste your time sleeping

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